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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tyranex- Extermination Has Begun Review

Hello my fellow metalheads! It’s time for another review! And, it’s ladies night again! This time I’ve got Tyranex’s Extermination Has Begun, the Swedish speed metal band’s first full length. It’s like a blend of Destruction and Holy Moses, with a few hints of Agent Steel. These guys are FAAAST, like top fuel cars on a quarter-mile drag race. This one is certainly for the speed freaks.

The album is all thrills and no frills, much how I like my speed metal. They nail it into high gear as soon as the first song on the album starts. Alas, the high speed doesn’t leave much room for riffage as they’re tremolo picking out chord progressions most of the time, but the singer’s acidic siren kind of makes up for it. Nearly all the songs in the first half of the album are going out all guns a-blazing. It’s great, until shit starts running together. But they do manage to break it up a few times and give out with a bit slower tempos, so you’re not cranking your neck at 200 bpm for a solid 10 minutes. Whew! I want to say after the third or fourth track the songs tend to be a lot stronger. “None So Cruel,” “Tormentor,” and “Road to Damnation” are just a few of the ass-kicking tracks in the latter half of the album. “None So Cruel” has a galloping, marching riff that makes you want to pump your fist in the air and yell along like a drunken bastard at a pub. “Road to Damnation” probably is one of the strongest tunes on here (I think the title track is probably the best), the riffs and chorus are so damn catchy and it’s still at a high speed.

Not bad for a girl, eh? But really, those that want to listen to a chick-fronted band and not have a more melodic, power metal feel to it, this is the band for you! She manages the tough-gal chic pretty damn well I must say. Aside her vocals, the instrumentation ain’t too shabby either. There’s fast riffs, mid tempo riffs, catchy choruses, noodley solos, and a singer that can show you how it’s done; what more do you want? They’re not original by any means, but they damn know what the hell they’re doing.

So gitchoo sum!!

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