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Monday, February 28, 2011

Terminate - Demo

I recently received in the mail a Demo CD from a Death Metal band from Morton Grove, Illinois in the USA. I’ve given it a few spins and come to the conclusion that it rips fucking arse! This is a great slab of OSDM that brings to mind two bands specifically: Bolt Thrower and Dismember. If this doesn’t get you tight or wet in the pantylooms then you are a false, please do not entry.

It starts off with the track “Rotten Dead Mess” which opens with a slow-ish heavy intro riff that builds up to a faster riff when the vocals kick in. It’s a straightforward DM song in the old Swedeath style, with a nice bit of Bolt Thrower thrown into the mix (what’d I tell ya before?). The vocals keep a consistent tone throughout the song with the occasional slightly higher pitched line. The drums plod along at the perfect pace and drive the riffage perfectly. There is also a killer melodic solo/riff thing towards the end of the song to change things up a bit. All in all a great Death Metal tune.

The next track “Chainsaw Omega” gets right down to business with the speedy riffs and aggressive sounding vocals. The “chainsaw” guitar tone is really evident in this song and sounds great. The bass is quite audible which adds a cool touch. The drums keep a constant pace throughout the song The lyrics are also bloody great!

Your life never felt more important to you until the moment I cut off your arms.
You try to repent, but it is too late. The chainsaw has done all the work.

I see nothing but red. All-consuming passion for death.
Life racing out from your veins. Shrouding the walls as your life slips away.
This feeling that you wish would end, I do everything to prolong and extend.
Agony, my aphrodisiac. And your terror confirming that I am your god.

Lying there helpless you look up at me as blood gurgles out of your mouth.
Exalted and glorified is how I feel. The Omega I have become.

The third and final track “Answered In Lead” again starts off with a slow intro riff quickly leading into faster riffs that are actually pretty melodic in the Dismember style. The pace changes up quite a bit in this song which keeps the listener on their toes.

All in all this is a great demo that I would highly recommend to any OSDM fan. Especially those of us who jerk off to Bolt Thrower and Dismember.


Get it through the band themselves at:



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