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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Misty Grey - Demon

In recent times, Spain has undeniably given rise to many an incredibly worthwhile band - whether it be the bestial fury bestowed by bands such as TEITANBLOOD or PROCLAMATION - or the unholy death aura evoked by ATARAXY or INSULTERS - evidently, Spain is on the map in terms of an environment fit for spawning intelligible and worthwhile acts, so here's a band named MISTY GREY - a project that manifested itself circa 2011 - and executes with precision a familiar sound we've all come to know and love as DOOM FUCKING METAL. This is most certainly a most welcome addition to an already flourishing Spanish underground scene. The release under review is MISTY GREY's demo from last year called "Demon" - and consists of five compositions, reaching the 30 minute mark.

The first thing you tend to notice about MISTY GREY, is that on a sound level they seem to pay homage to bands such as PENTAGRAM, BLACK SABBATH and WITCHCRAFT, while not quite sounding like an imitation - yet the influence is largely evident to me. The vocalist, Malicia, has a pretty unique voice - husky sounding and melodious at the same time - definitely a robust sound for this type of music. As far as tempo, their music floats in a slow to mid-pace range, delivering killer Sabbath-esque-ish doom-hooks entwined with rhythmic drum fills. MISTY GREY aren't quite as psychedelic in comparison to the likes of JEX THOTH, although they do seem to "power it out" by delivering a handful of killer chops that are liable to place a smile on anyone's face who enjoys down-tuned Doom Metal that emphasizes the darker atmosphere through their riffs.

The five compositions featured on the demo should be a tasty treat for all Doom enthusiasts, and it goes well as a recommendation for other bands such as SERPENTCULT, JEX THOTH and CAUCHEMAR. Definitely a band to keep on your radar.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Furor - War Upon Worship

Based in Perth, THE FUROR unleash their third opus titled, “War Upon Worship” – and right from the word go, the warbeast that is THE FUROR demolishes absolutely everything that stands in its path – not even the great wall of China is strong enough to bear its power. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a band capable of composing such furious and intense compositions. Describing their sound, I would have to say its something like a mix between IMPIETY, MELECHESH and ABSU. It is immensely intense, every fucking track, traveling as fast as a missile at speeds of Mach 666 – and with relentless precision! 
One of the many things I find amazing about THE FUROR is their ability to make technicality and substance compatible with each other, and that is why “War Upon Worship” is such an addictive listen. Almost every time I put it on I hear something I haven’t heard before. The music is certainly melodic in some aspects, but does little to deteriorate from the hammering brutality that reigns throughout its course. There are plenty of epic moments throughout this album, courtesy of the blindingly vicious guitar riffs and the absolute hell it evokes.

“War Upon Worship” is a nearly perfect Black/Death album, maintaining a healthy Black Metal Influence, but still taking a lot from Death Metal, and not to forget the interaction of thrash riffs. The guitar tone is as fitting as it gets, with a clean/audible sound – and same applies to everything else, although very far from sounding over polished or plastic, in any sense. I sincerely swear, that if Lucifer himself were to decade upon a band to encapsulate a certain type of smoggish atmosphere that relates to pre-war fear that would instil fear into any feeble God, then with all certainty, this would be the band to represent it – much akin to some form of Maori tribal dance prior to battle.


Review by James Goatfukk: mdisintegrator@gmail.com

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nabat - Opus Mortis

NABAT is a Black Metal band from Berlin, Germany, fucking glorifying death and excites pure resentment against human scum. The band was active for a time period of three years and successfully managed to record a single demo in 2011 entitled "Opus Mortis".
Their execution is rather straight-forward, extremely riff-centric, with enchantments of thrash-laden riffs and hateful drums that pound forth with intensity in speed and precision. The atmosphere that is evoked has an apocalyptic feel to it, and is somewhat akin to Marduk's Panzer Division Marduk. The vocalist, Theostuges, sounds a lot like a man possessed, and implements a harsh scream that is rather reminiscent of Drakh Wrath from Enochain Crescent. Funnily enough, I read somewhere that Theostuges had somewhat of a fever when he recorded his vocals, perhaps lending to the unbelievably raw screams he produced.

Opus Mortis is a killer demo, compiled of five murderous tracks of Black Metal that entrances one when worshipping at your local altar of death. The propaganda revolves mostly around their contempt for modern society and social denouncement of religious belief, especially the Abrahamic religions.

It's a true pity that they split up, as NABAT has managed to impress me with this material. By no means is it perfect, yet certainly held a lot of potential. If you like your Black Metal simple, raw and brutal as fuck - or basically enjoy the likes of bands such as Enthroned, Marduk or Darkthrone - then this will surely appeal to you. Don't expect endless epic moments though (this is a pure hellish assault on the senses from beginning to end) perhaps with the exception of the fourth track "Feast of Fornication", which has a slight melancholic feel seeping from the guitar, entwined with the spoken passages, but other than that, this is as brutal as it gets. Opus Mortis was re-released last year by Hammerbund.

Review by James Goatfukk: mdisintegrator@gmail.com