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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vagabond's Band of the Month: Denouncement Pyre

Band: Denouncement Pyre
Year of Formation: 2003
Country of Origin: Australia
Genre: Black/Death Metal

Denouncement Pyre are from Melbourne and have been toning their craft since 2003. Their style is black/death in the vein of Deströyer 666, Watain and the like. To date they've put out 3 demos, 4 EPs, 1 split and 2 full lengths. While not the most original band in existence, there has been plenty of variety throughout their discography, they have a killer sound and all of their releases are worth owning.

You can contact the band and purchase their music and merchandise here.

Expect a review of their new album, "Almighty Arcanum" soon!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Into Darkness - Into Darkness

Who's up for some crushing old-school death doom from Italy? Into Darkness' self-titled demo dropped on tape through Unholy Domain Records in September last year, then was followed by an LP release via Iron Bonehead in December and will be released on MCD by Hellthrasher Productions in March this year.

Into Darkness sound like a mixture of Asphyx, Derketa, Dream Death, Celtic Frost and Bolt Thrower. Crushing doom/death is contrasted by mid-paced pure old-school death metal fury, allowing for plenty of variety in the compositions presented by these Italian ladies (and one man). The guitar parts are heavy and gloomy, as one would expect from this type of music, the vocals are, in a word; demonic, the bass is crushing and the drumming, excellent.

The self-titled opening track is my personal favourite on this demo, because it stands as a fine introduction to the bands sound and shows exactly what Into Darkness is all about musically. These girls (and guy) aren't doing anything new or innovative with their music, rather just playing some old-school doom/death worship and doing a damn good job at it.

If doom/death or old-school death metal is your thing, then you definitely shouldn't sleep on this band!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chapel of Disease - Summoning Black Gods

Chapel of Disease formed back in 2008 in Cologne, Germany. Prior to releasing this, their debut album, the band put out  a demo and a split, all within the year 2012.

Chapel of Disease make no bullshit secrets about where their influences lie; their music is pure early 90's death metal music, akin to bands such as early-period Death, Asphyx, early Pestilence, early Sepultura, Pentacle, Grave, Bolt Thrower and Obituary. Chapel... aren't just your average clone-band, however, as they manage to inject their own flavour into an ancient musical recipe, mixing dark and sinister atmospherics with a morbid guitar sound acentuated by killer bass tones, subtle melodies and a very organic drum sound.

Yeah, they will sound like a "copy" band to a lot of people, but that's not always a bad thing, if the music is presented as well as this. Most OSDM fans won't be able to resist the infectious riffs, Van Drunen-esque vocals, varied drum work and killer solos presented on this collection of well-writen material.

No true death metal maniac will be able to argue with tracks like " Summoning Black Gods", "Dead Spheres", "Evocation of the Father", "The Loved Dead" or any other song featured on this release. These Krauts are definitely not breaking any new ground, but with "Summoning Black Gods", they have released a strong album worthy of standing alongside killer "new-OSDM" acts such as Ataraxy, Voids of Vomit, Dead Congregation,, Excoriate, Omision, Vanhelgd, Gorephilia, Insepulto, Terminate and the like in my collection, hopefully you find them worthy of your collection, too!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obsession- Order of Chaos Review

 Obsession - Order of Chaos
The 80s were full of forgotten -and sometimes forgettable- metal bands. Many bands, if they weren't major label or at least had a huge following, would release an album or two and fall off the face of the Earth into obscurity.  Obsession, although they were with Metal Blade, could probably fall into that category for most metal fans. They released two noteworthy albums, Scarred for Life and Methods of Madness, before breaking up and later reforming in the early 00s. They made an album in '06 with the reformed band, Carnival of Lies, and just the past year released another one, Order of Chaos.

Like the past albums, this one is full of no-bullshit tracks. They're old school power metal, no frills-all thrills with no synthy beginnings, just heavy guitar work. The first three songs, including the title track that introduces the album, shreds you from ear to ear from the start before slowing down a bit with "When the Smoke Clears." Catchy choruses with "Wages of Sin" and "Twist of the Knife" and guitar noodling in "Cold Day in Hell"... Hell, there's super cool guitar work in all the songs! The highlights of this album are the fast-paced "Order of Chaos," the trodding riffage of "License to Kill," the galloping "Cold Day in Hell," and "Dark Shadows" ends it with a mid-paced smash.

For a thirty-year old band, the album was well done. It's definitely in the same vein of the older albums, but it's still fresh sounding, it doesn't feel like an old band trying to rehash their youthful days. Which brings me to the next bit: unfortunately, it's not exactly the same band. The only original member left is Michael Vescera. Yes, the other members were part of some other decent bands, mostly other bands (Stygia, Michael Vescera,) that included Vescera though. However, they still manage to sound like a "classic" USPM band.

The album hardly has any filler, even the lower quality tracks are decent to listen to. The guitar heads would be satisfied with the amount of fret-burning solos and riffs. There are few singers that can say they have improved over time, I think Vescera is one of the few. Compare his singing with his earlier work and you can hear the difference.

Anyone that wants a good, solid heavy metal album from a  cult classic, this is definitely a good pick.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nocturnal Vomit - Cursed Relics

Nocturnal Vomit is a Greek band that formed in 1999 who finally released their debut album last year, following a lot of demo and split releases. The material featured on "Cursed Relics" is quite a departure from threir earlier works, which reeked of primitive death metal a la Sarcófago, Blasphemy, Beherit and Corpse Molestation, among others. The songs featured on this album follow a path more akin to ancient death metal bands such as Asphyx, Pentacle, Sadistic Intent and Grave....

Although I mentioned many influences above, Nocturnal Vomit is not the type of band who lazily copies their idols. They are a band who play with the passion and aggression needed to make good, honest death metal and while there may not be a particular "stand-out" track on this album; each song is skillfilly crafted to the same high standard and there is not a dull moment to be found and one can see why the band took their time working towards a full length release.

The analog production on this record can be described as; massively heavy, allowing the old-school brutality and warped, twisted melodies to shine through, with everything being highlighted by the totally ancient guitar sound. The music, whilst being staunch old-school death worship, is drenched in a similar atmosphere to the old Greek black metal acts (Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Varathron, etc), which helps to set the band apart from the "new-OSDM" crowd and allows Nocturnal Vomit to stand out from the pack.

"Cused Relics" seems to have been overlooked by a lot of metal fans last year, however, I think that in years to come it will be remembered as one of the more effective albums of 2012.