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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obsession- Order of Chaos Review

 Obsession - Order of Chaos
The 80s were full of forgotten -and sometimes forgettable- metal bands. Many bands, if they weren't major label or at least had a huge following, would release an album or two and fall off the face of the Earth into obscurity.  Obsession, although they were with Metal Blade, could probably fall into that category for most metal fans. They released two noteworthy albums, Scarred for Life and Methods of Madness, before breaking up and later reforming in the early 00s. They made an album in '06 with the reformed band, Carnival of Lies, and just the past year released another one, Order of Chaos.

Like the past albums, this one is full of no-bullshit tracks. They're old school power metal, no frills-all thrills with no synthy beginnings, just heavy guitar work. The first three songs, including the title track that introduces the album, shreds you from ear to ear from the start before slowing down a bit with "When the Smoke Clears." Catchy choruses with "Wages of Sin" and "Twist of the Knife" and guitar noodling in "Cold Day in Hell"... Hell, there's super cool guitar work in all the songs! The highlights of this album are the fast-paced "Order of Chaos," the trodding riffage of "License to Kill," the galloping "Cold Day in Hell," and "Dark Shadows" ends it with a mid-paced smash.

For a thirty-year old band, the album was well done. It's definitely in the same vein of the older albums, but it's still fresh sounding, it doesn't feel like an old band trying to rehash their youthful days. Which brings me to the next bit: unfortunately, it's not exactly the same band. The only original member left is Michael Vescera. Yes, the other members were part of some other decent bands, mostly other bands (Stygia, Michael Vescera,) that included Vescera though. However, they still manage to sound like a "classic" USPM band.

The album hardly has any filler, even the lower quality tracks are decent to listen to. The guitar heads would be satisfied with the amount of fret-burning solos and riffs. There are few singers that can say they have improved over time, I think Vescera is one of the few. Compare his singing with his earlier work and you can hear the difference.

Anyone that wants a good, solid heavy metal album from a  cult classic, this is definitely a good pick.

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