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Witching Metal Webzine

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fetid Zombie/Battlestorm - Defiling the Altar of Gods SPLIT

The release reviewed here is a split collaboration between the putrid mess that is FETID ZOMBIE, and Singaporean hellraisers, BATTLESTORM.

This split kicks off with FETID ZOMBIE, a one-man project displaying illustrious artist Mark Riddick behind all armaments of fire, as well as drum-programming. Exhibited here are three tracks conveying a sound that seems to characterize a very straight forward, and rather catchy old-school Death Metal. Nevertheless, a few odd arrangements tinged with Black and Thrash infused in their own bloody vomit definitely distinguish their tone. They certainly have a cool distinct vibe going, and owe more than a few nods to the likes of AUTOPSY, MASSACRA and MASSACRE. Summary: a good aural enticement for consuming fecal turds.

Hitting you next on the split is BATTLESTORM, presenting the remaining three tracks, succeeding splendidly at mangling your skull with a noxious attack of pure old-skull Death/thrash with vibrations akin to the likes of IMPIETY, ANGELCORPSE and ANAL VOMIT. Its cool shit, no doubt. I've been following the band as far back as 2009, and they seem to just keep getting better and better with each release.

It is to my understanding that the split in question has a limitation of 500 copies, so be quick or miss out on a killer split.  

Review by James Goatfukk: mdisintegrator@gmail.com