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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nabat - Opus Mortis

NABAT is a Black Metal band from Berlin, Germany, fucking glorifying death and excites pure resentment against human scum. The band was active for a time period of three years and successfully managed to record a single demo in 2011 entitled "Opus Mortis".
Their execution is rather straight-forward, extremely riff-centric, with enchantments of thrash-laden riffs and hateful drums that pound forth with intensity in speed and precision. The atmosphere that is evoked has an apocalyptic feel to it, and is somewhat akin to Marduk's Panzer Division Marduk. The vocalist, Theostuges, sounds a lot like a man possessed, and implements a harsh scream that is rather reminiscent of Drakh Wrath from Enochain Crescent. Funnily enough, I read somewhere that Theostuges had somewhat of a fever when he recorded his vocals, perhaps lending to the unbelievably raw screams he produced.

Opus Mortis is a killer demo, compiled of five murderous tracks of Black Metal that entrances one when worshipping at your local altar of death. The propaganda revolves mostly around their contempt for modern society and social denouncement of religious belief, especially the Abrahamic religions.

It's a true pity that they split up, as NABAT has managed to impress me with this material. By no means is it perfect, yet certainly held a lot of potential. If you like your Black Metal simple, raw and brutal as fuck - or basically enjoy the likes of bands such as Enthroned, Marduk or Darkthrone - then this will surely appeal to you. Don't expect endless epic moments though (this is a pure hellish assault on the senses from beginning to end) perhaps with the exception of the fourth track "Feast of Fornication", which has a slight melancholic feel seeping from the guitar, entwined with the spoken passages, but other than that, this is as brutal as it gets. Opus Mortis was re-released last year by Hammerbund.

Review by James Goatfukk: mdisintegrator@gmail.com

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