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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Misty Grey - Demon

In recent times, Spain has undeniably given rise to many an incredibly worthwhile band - whether it be the bestial fury bestowed by bands such as TEITANBLOOD or PROCLAMATION - or the unholy death aura evoked by ATARAXY or INSULTERS - evidently, Spain is on the map in terms of an environment fit for spawning intelligible and worthwhile acts, so here's a band named MISTY GREY - a project that manifested itself circa 2011 - and executes with precision a familiar sound we've all come to know and love as DOOM FUCKING METAL. This is most certainly a most welcome addition to an already flourishing Spanish underground scene. The release under review is MISTY GREY's demo from last year called "Demon" - and consists of five compositions, reaching the 30 minute mark.

The first thing you tend to notice about MISTY GREY, is that on a sound level they seem to pay homage to bands such as PENTAGRAM, BLACK SABBATH and WITCHCRAFT, while not quite sounding like an imitation - yet the influence is largely evident to me. The vocalist, Malicia, has a pretty unique voice - husky sounding and melodious at the same time - definitely a robust sound for this type of music. As far as tempo, their music floats in a slow to mid-pace range, delivering killer Sabbath-esque-ish doom-hooks entwined with rhythmic drum fills. MISTY GREY aren't quite as psychedelic in comparison to the likes of JEX THOTH, although they do seem to "power it out" by delivering a handful of killer chops that are liable to place a smile on anyone's face who enjoys down-tuned Doom Metal that emphasizes the darker atmosphere through their riffs.

The five compositions featured on the demo should be a tasty treat for all Doom enthusiasts, and it goes well as a recommendation for other bands such as SERPENTCULT, JEX THOTH and CAUCHEMAR. Definitely a band to keep on your radar.

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