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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hellcannon - Raiders of the Wastes Demo/EP

Here's a VERY nice piece of old school Thrash/Death Metal to kick off the blog.

If you're looking for anything new and innovative, you ain't gonna find it here.

Hellcannon plays Death thrash in the old-school vein of Sarcofago, early Sodom and early Sepultura. This is the stuff that makes you want to down some beers and headbang until you get major whiplash.

The CD kicks off with a ripping thrash intro called Vicious Circle that just grabs you by the balls from the get go, it perfectly sets the tone for the whole EP. This disc does NOT allow you a break from headbanging until they are finished assaulting your ears with their heavy and fast Death thrash riffage.

The end of the final track (Raiders of the Waste) leaves you thinking "Where the fuck did the last 14 minutes go? I want more!".

Any old-schoolers wanting something heavy, fast and evil that sounds like it stepped straight out of the early 90's Death/Thrash Metal scene simply MUST check this out.

Pretty fucking good for a bunch of young fellas from Buffalo New York.

I give this an easy 4/5. Didn't give it a 5 because I want MORE!


BUY IT: http://hellcannon.bigcartel.com/

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