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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Invection - Demented Perception

Like ball-kicking riffs that melt your face off? Like Bay-Area style Thrash Metal? Like German Trash? WELL THEN! Have I got a treat for you!
Invection are a group of young bucks hailing from California USA who clearly seem to love Bay-Area Thrash Metal like your dog loves taking a good shit on your freshly mowed lawn!

With this EP, these guys bring one hell of a Bay-Area and Kreator worshipping thrash assault! Chugging Destruction meets Exodus style riffs? Yep. Shouted thrashing vocals? Yep. Furious Thrash Metal drums? Yep. Driving bass that compliments the guitars and drums? Yep. Everything a good Thrash band needs can be found right here in these songs.
Invection bring the Thrash.

Every song on here is enjoyable, and it's not all balls-out high speed thrashing, they slow down at times which adds a good sense of variety that a lot of Thrash bands seem to forget about these days.

Listening to this EP makes me wonder why so many people get up in arms against the so-called "new wave thrash movement". I mean, sure there's a LOT of bands just riding the trend, but there are MANY diamonds among the rough, such as Hellcannon, Forgery, Lich King, Nocturnal, Hellish Crossfire, Brutallion and Invection among others who still carry the old spirit of THRASH in their veins. I think it's great that there's newer bands out there bringing back everything we love about Thrash!

Now lets get into details about the music to be found on this disc;
The vocals seem more in the punky-vein and seem to remind me of mid-era (the crossover albums) Sodom, that is a very lose comparison though, I'm really not sure who they remind me of.
The guitars are distorted and chugging, just like good thrash riffs should be. They remind me a lot of some strange mix of German Thrash and Bay Area Thrash. I have no idea who to compare them to! It sounds like Kreator playing Exodus songs.

All in all, this is a great EP that shows a LOT of potential. Invection is a band to watch out for, they WILL make a splash.

4.5/5 I REALLY like this, can't wait to hear more from the boys from Cali!


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