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Witching Metal Webzine

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Demon Dogs – Demon Dogs E.P.

Demon Dogs is a heavy metal band hailing from Seattle, featuring members of Death Squad, Coven (the thrash band with the funny songs; not the 70s occult rock band) and Midnight Idöls and a sound that fuses the best elements of the NWOBHM, Judas Priest and early thrash metal in to a unique and personal sound that sets them apart from other “retro” acts, their self-titled debut E.P. is a bloody ripper!

Their sound is characterized by thunderous double-bass rhythms, soaring vocals and big solo parts that feature in every song. The songs have a raw edge that makes them sound a lot older than they actually are, which helps to keep the band from sounding like just another retro act, as I find an overly clean sound can ruin a lot of new heavy metal releases.

If you’re a fan of Judas Priest, Metal Church, Mercyful Fate or early Queensrÿche (if you’re not, why are you reading Witching Metal?!), you should find something to enjoy on each of the four songs presented on this E.P. Demon Dogs is definitely a band to watch out for in the future!

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