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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Infest - Everlasting Genocide (Zero Budget Productions 2011)

Review by James Goatfukk

Serbia's death thrashing hellmongers, INFEST, delivers another onslaught of fierce Death/Thrash fucking Metal with its third full-length offering entitled: "Everlasting Genocide" – and right off the bloodied bat I can state that it is indeed one hellish rollercoaster ride from beginning ‘til end. The horde in question manage to compile songs which are both memorable and skillfully constructed, showcasing a musicianship that gives a lot of international bands a good run for their money.

After setting the charges and loading the ammo on the eerie opening intro, the horde initiates destruction by firing off at the religious sheep with ‘Upon the Suffering’ – shredding and killin’ with some acutely crushing riffs and a vocalist that has an aggressive, sort of “shout-like” growl, followed by a killer, thrashy riff that thumps forth at the 1:30 mark, leaving nothing but a trail of death in its wake. “Stronger Than God” is one of the album’s best cuts, featuring a guest vocal appearance by Thebon of KEEP OF KALESSIN – with a razor-sharp solo at the 2:06 mark (the solo work throughout this album is always executed with prompt precision). The bass tone is crystal clear and thumps away madly to the overall chaos of the sound produced, a feature that works well to their advantage.

It seems that naught can be an obstacle for these demons and in the past few years, the band has travelled far over our corrupt and rotten globe, achieving themselves reputable attention among the enthusiastic bangers. Don't get me wrong here, the auditory is nothing too "accessible" or "mainstream". I reckon anybody into bands such as SINISTER, old VADER and ASPHYX, ouda get something out of this. Summarization: I think Satan will be proud of these boys for being such a hard-working bunch and stirring up so much chaos with this fine slab of hell-raising Death/Thrash, placing Serbia on the worldwide metal map along with some of its Country peers such as MAY RESULT and THE STONE. After you experience this turbulent raid on your ear drums, it should be revealed to the listener that these lads mean real business and aren't your everyday, average jack-off Joe's.


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