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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blaspherian - Infernal Warriors of Death

Blaspherian are a four-piece death metal outfit from Houston, Texas who formed back in 2004 and have recently put out their debut full length after numerous demo, EP and split releases. Upon listening to “Infernal Warriors of Death”, you can tell that these guys have been working hard to hone their craft, as it shines through in their unique brand of “new-old-school death metal”.

What you can expect from this release is a mix of early Swedish DM, Bolt Thrower, Immolation and Incantation worship along with Blaspherians’ own unique elements that sets them apart from other bands within their genre. The guitar tone is dark, rich, muddy and crushing, perfect for the music this band plays. The bass is quite subtle, but fits in just right and aids the guitar in creating a dank, murky atmosphere. The vocals are one of the highlights here, as they’re evil as fuck, yet easy to understand. I don’t really know anything about drumming, but the drums do the job very well.

The songs here go from mid-paced chugging to blasted sections to sparse doomy segments. Quite varied, but still on the same course for the most part. I like to describe it as “original yet true to its roots”. The title track would have to be the stand out track, as it’s the most varied with its old-school chugging riffs and descending melodies.

All in all, for those of you out there looking for some good old fashion death metal but need a break from the classics, this should do the job just fine. It’s a great release which doesn’t get boring. The production is also worth a mention for being a great fit with the old-school DM sound.

4.5/5 Good old American death metal, played the way it should be played!

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