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Monday, April 18, 2011

Nexwomb – Militant Heretic Aggression

Nexwomb are a three-piece from Portland, Oregon in the USA who play an old-school brand of black/death metal similar to bands such as Blasphemy and Proclamation with some OSDM (think Incantation and the like) and even a small amount of thrash (think “brutal” thrash such as Protector) in the mix to keep things interesting. “Militant Heretic Aggression” is their debut demo tape.

The opening title track begins with eerie bells chiming and an odd siren type sound which leads straight into some fast and aggressive death metal with early 90’s black metal vocals and the odd death metal grunt here and there. The guitar and bass sound is murky and distorted, as is the norm for this style of metal and the drumming is spot on.

“Chaostorms (Summon the Gods of War)” is up next. It starts with a slow and ominous intro leading into some straightforward old-school aggression! Catchy riffs and sick vocals are the main focus on this track.

Track 3 “Maelstrom of Abyssic Purification” is a more mid-paced style offering. Some excellent “chugging” riffs and drumming in this one. This is probably the best track of the demo, in my opinion. They do the mid-paced “chugging” sound very well.

“Apocryptagion” opens up with some eerie chants leading into a lightning fast riffing. The pace doesn’t let up at all here and this is a straight headbanger of a song! No complaints on my part!

All in all, this four-track demo is a killer debut and I really look forward to hearing more from these blokes in the future.

4/5 LISTEN, ALL YOU UP AND COMING BANDS OUT THERE! If you want to make an impression with your first demo, THIS is how you do it!

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