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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dire Fate - Ritual/Rehearsal MMXI

Dire Fate is a 3-piece traditional doom metal band hailing from Melbourne. They’ve been around since 2008 and have release a couple of demos so far. Their most recent demo “Ritual/Rehearsal MMXI” was passed on to me by my good friends at Graveyard Shift Records.

This demo begins with the longest track “Ah Satan… (Do You Know Him?)” which opens with a droning intro leading into the drums and the first riff. You are giving a huge Black Sabbath vibe here. This song gives off a ritualistic vibe with it’s slow and monotonous riffing and almost chant-like depressingly epic vocals. There are some interesting guitar moments as well, including a chugging riff and solo section which would normally seem out of place in this type of song but works exceedingly well here. All in all a good track that doesn’t get boring in it’s 8 minute time span.

Next up is “Cast the Spell”, which reeks of early Candlemass and Pentagram worship! Heavy riffs, soaring epic and melodic vocal lines, thundering bass and pounding drums abound in this track. A slow and heavy dirge that any self-respecting doom metal fan would enjoy.

The third, final and shortest track “Spire of War” is my favourite on the demo. It opens with a crushing Sabbath-inspired fuzzed-out riff, pounding drums, and I think the vocalist is at his best here. Again, I get a huge Candlemass vibe, but there are certainly other forces of doom active in the influences. I find this song to be a catchy, fist pumping masterpiece of doom that could easily contend with the best the genre has to offer, and a fine example of an up-and-coming band finding their sound.

5/5 An excellent demo that I would play to any doomster with confidence.

Check them out.

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