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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Altar of Oblivion- Salvation

Altar of Oblivion are a doom metal band from Denmark. They released their EP Salvation not too long ago. It's a little on the epic side of the spectrum, most of the songs -if nearly all- are well over six minutes long. But don't let that fool you, it's no snoozefest. Unless you don't like doom metal, then you're just a wanker.

The EP's got all you want from a doom band, slow, trudging riffs that crushes everything in it's path as well as those slightly up-tempo galloping riffs to break the slow speed and give some dynamics. That tends to make the long songs go by a little faster than they seem to be. There's a great atmosphere to the EP. The vocalist has a great range, ranging from a baritone to a high tenor at some points, much like Messiah or Johan from Candlemass.

It's hard to choose the hits from just a 5-song EP, but "Threshold to Oblivion" and "Narrow Gate of Emptiness" are the most solid. And as if doomy songs just weren't enough for these guys, the frantic track, "Salvation," seems like it comes out of a death metal album with lots of blast beats, harsh vocals, and minor chords. It's rather quirky sounding, seemingly out of place, or at least just very unexpected for a first-time listener. And then to fuck with your mind again, they change pace midway and go back to their slow, operatic style. The last track is a nice, 2-minute instrumental, a flourishing finish to a fantastic little EP.

Getchoo sum!


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