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Saturday, April 20, 2013

BLAZE OF PERDITION – “The Hierophant” (Pagan Records 2011)

Another great review from James Goatfukk...

If you’ve been on the lookout for new Black Metal bands that create quality music and haven’t by any chance stumbled upon any...then look no further: BLAZE OF PERDITION hails from Poland and are one of the most respected bands in their home country…They play some truly brutal, crushing and amospheric-driven Black Metal comprised of musicianship that is nothing short of gripping - this band has managed to impress me a great deal with their authentic, but yet modern display of occult Black Metal. “The Hierophant” is their second full length album and quite a progression compared to their previous work which also deserve some praise. The songwriting seemed to have improved in every aspect; everything from song-structure to sound and dynamics. It seems to me that the guitarists in the band really outdid themselves on this record...as the riffs are played incredibly fast on some of the songs with many different solos flying in and out which are backed up by a very precise and tight drumming performance. The vocals are very upfront, as well as harsh and emotive - which is neither too low or too loud in the mix – just perfectly layered. Don’t think for a second that this is another one of those boring ‘Fast all of the time’ bands…A variety of tempos are implemented throughout, but when the faster parts do kick in, they tend to kick your teeth out. “The Hierophant” proves itself as a worthy successor compared to their excellent debut, “Towards the Blaze of Perdition” and will no doubt appeal to anyone who likes their Black Metal fast, vibrant and hard-hitting, but with a sense of dynamics. BoP is in a class of their own, although it would not hurt to say that they share a few similiar elements in terms of style, as some of their Country-men like DEUS MORTEM and INFERNAL WAR in terms of pure relentless aggression – but as far as aesthetics are concerned; I would definitely associate them more with bands like NIGHTBRINGER and MERRIMACK. No doubt that BoP is more than meets the eye - one look at their photos and cover art will reveal that the band upholds a deep spiritual essence and that they seem to be a deadly serious band. I really hope that more maniacs will take notice of this great band because they truly deserve a lot more credit than they're given at the moment.

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