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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Interview: Nocturnal Vomit

Interview conducted by James Goatfukk.
1. Hail Isaak! Thanks for finding the time to do this interview. Please reveal to us what NOCTURNAL VOMIT is all about and what provoked the foul need to play abysmal Death Metal redolent of old cemetery stench.

Infernal salutes James!
Well, since many years before I formed n.vomit I had plans to form a real sick,brutal,dark old school death metal band away from the trends and fashion...
I wanted to play something that really approached me and felt like.I didn't sit down and say I wanna play like this or that,no. during the years of morbid existence we got to get more experience and find our own sound.
2. I know it’s been out a while now, but congratulations on the release of your debut opus “Cursed Relics”. What can you tell us about the response you’ve received so far?

Well,not that long ago,our debut album "cursed relics" has been out for less than a year and the response has been really tremendous and more and more maniacs really discover our band! Honestly we really didn't expect so much from that album,and to this day we still feel so satisfied and proud we done it.
We worked so hard on this album and took us some years to complete it fully as we wanted. We didn't want to rush at all,we only cared about quality and a more personal sound than rather sound so sterile and common like most today's wimp bands do,fuck the trends!

3. “Cursed Relics” is a merciless array of traditional Death Metal that bludgeons the shit out of the listener from start to finish. What was the band’s main vision on how you wanted the album to sound?

As I mentioned earlier,we wanted to focus on all details on this album,we wanted something to be chronicle by time,not like an album which there’s some fuzz for 3-8 months and then gets forgotten...
We paid attention in music,production,lyr­ics,artwork,concept etc....
When we were recording this album in 2010 we wanted something personal,eerie,dark,­heavy and outstanding.....
the listener can judge from him/her self.

4. Somehow I think you were able to capture a very dark mood into the recording; were there maybe any events in your life that acted as inspiration for the recording or is it a natural outcome of your personalities and/or musical tastes?

Maybe,but not on a purpose way to do it.
We just let all power and negative energy to consume us so we can get influence and inspiration.
It's not only the bands we like or grew up with,but inspiration and this has to do with our daily lives of how we think how we live what we feel inside,the way we handle the negative energy...
Nothing is so stereotype,otherwise­ we will just be copy cats and that's it,not here though.
In a few words we succeed to bring the listener a step forward to hell without been technical or high skills,that's a big point,just think of it.
About n.vomit ,the fact is that we have something to say,its not about high technical skills or to do a massive production or be mainstream or commercial......
We do belong else where,not with those morons and posers,fuck em.
5. What can you tell us about the recording process of “Cursed Relics” and the conditions surrounding it? Are you happy with the results?
I think I mentioned this above; of course we are satisfied.
Well,there are some details or mistakes on the recording which could have been better,but still happy with it. When I was recording the album to say the truth I was a bit nervous 'cause it was the first time to record a full album of running time 46 minutes. we also used a different studio,producer also been an album we had to give our 101% of ourselves,its not a demo or 7ep were you can say OK,even not been satisfied you can say OK,but an album you have to work on all details.
Also the drumming on all recordings are hard and take a lot of time to most bands.
6. I’m sure you hear this a lot, but your vocalist has a very similar vocal style to that of Martin Van Drunen; thus I must ask if it’s but sheer coincidence or maybe he acted as inspiration?

Hahahaahah,yes,I get this comment from almost everyone,that's true.
Thomas has a very similar voice to Martin Van Drunnen that's a fact,no doubt,also Martin is his favourite vocalist among the few,but let me tell you that's the way his style is. as i mentioned somewhere else too,who really sings like Martin? How many bands out there? And how many sing the classic brutal guttural style? Countless of em. Thomas vocals fitted perfect on the album and it was a great choice for Thomas to pick up the vocals 'cause in the past me and Kolozis p.k. were doing the vocals in our older releases. also Thomas vocals remind me also to bands as:death,morgoth,obi­tuary,pentacle,asphy­x,possessed...
7. I’ve noticed a strong occult iconography/imagery to your work- does occultism play an important aspect in NOCTURNAL VOMIT?

Yes,that's true.we really like and feel a lot the dark side and left hand path.
I personally am fascinated with it,Thomas too.
Also in n.vomit we always fitted this concept,never adopted it.
On the album we really wanted a concept of the cover and whole layout,we worked on it. We wanted some serious painter and not so known.
We didn't want any trendy hype artwork of Chris Moyen(godly artist),but nowadays so many use him,its a fashion.
Thanks for your words!
8. Tell us a bit about the lyrical conception of “Cursed Relics” and what songs like ‘Moon of Amorphous Vociferation’, ‘Unearthing the Foul Manna’ and ‘Function of Abominations’ are about.

About lyrics for "cursed relics" album,I must say that I didn't write lyrics but only for 2 songs (herald of doom and function of abominations) and those have a strong influence from Lovecraft. I really worship Cthulhu mythos,no doubt.
Thomas wrote lyrics on other songs except for one which our friend Jim Tsallos wrote one. I'm not the one to ask,hahahaha.
In the past I wrote all lyrics for n.vomit.
9. The sound on “Cursed Relics” is raw and organic-- yet everything is still pretty comprehensible with a good sound. What was the main vision behind the recording of the album as far as production values?

About the production we really focused on this a lot,because, except for the killer songs we had written we wanted a great production,that's why we went to a different studio as well and used a new producer too. We wanted a sound which will sound very heavy,solid,clear,ra­w and organic. we wanted a production like analogue sound,to sound a much as organic a real! In a few words we wanted a sound were you can hear all instruments but at the same time be raw and old sounding!
We really achieved this and are fully satisfied with it!
10. What is your stance on this super polished sound that some metal bands seem to employ—for instance;“Pro tools”?

Well ,me and the others too aren't so keen or fans of this modern super-produced that in the end only plastic and emptiness is heard...
No feeling and sounding so lame. We all grew up with bands which we want to sound a bit like but on our own formula and personality. Also the old school sound of n.vomit doesn't fit to all this modern hyper blast beat bands which are only production line bands and nothing more,I really don't care about those bands. Let them do what they want,who cares...

11. Do you think being involved in many different bands/projects can undermine one’s creativity?

Maybe yes,depends on the individual musician.To be involved in 1-2 bands I think is no problem but when you play in 3-4 bands or more,then yes,you start to loose your personal sound and ideas and bring influence from your other projects.
It's better to have a clear state of mind and away from most so you can focus 100% on what you do. For a drummer not as much but for a vocalist and guitarist sure is.
The majic of art must be free expression and personal with real devotion and passion!!! That's the most important for me,otherwise forget it.
12. Besides NOCTURNAL VOMIT, have you ever played in any other bands prior or subsequent to the band’s existence?

No,I haven't played in any other band besides n.vomit,except when i was 17-18 years old I had a black metal band in 1993-1997 called RHADAMANTHYS which featured also 2-3 members of n.vomit. But this was something completely different to what we do nowadays in all aspects. Since I left n.vomit in 2011,I was supposed to play drums in HIEROPHANTS DESCENT but sadly nothing happened due for distance and economic issues,so we left it. At the moment there's a chance to help out ALMIGHTY SATHANAS to record drums for their album,lets see what happens. Also haven't played drums now for over 2 years now since I left the band.

13. NOCTURNAL VOMIT has been around since 1999 but has only managed to play live for the first time in 2010. Why did it take so long for you to play live? I believe your first show was quite the cherry popper.

Yes,n.vomit exists from 2000,and so far the band has played in almost 12 years of existence only 4 live shows. before we released the album we didn't want to play any gigs,especially me,I just don't like gigs and they don't mean much to me.
Also during that time we preferred more to rehearse on new songs and improve our song writing than play gigs. For some years Thomas our guitarist was studying overseas so we were a bit here and there. On 27-11-10 we were offered to play our first show together with: embrace of thorns,acherontas and wargoat...
that was my first and last show with the band,after some months I left the band.
In the start we were a bit nervous and stressed but after a while we shred on stage,we felt the power!!!
But the band now has started to play gigs and got some to come in the future,I think in may 2013 a 2 day fest brutality over sanity and n.vomit will play.

14. NOCTURNAL VOMIT played live with WARGOAT, EMBRACE OF THORNS and ACHERONTAS. Did you happen to check them? Who of those bands did you enjoy most?

About those bands,of course I know for years and support each other with embrace of thorns,like a brother band,no doubt. This band has really improved and become very solid too! about acherontas and wargoat,those bands are OK,I like their music but to be honest not a huge fan of acherontas but they work hard and got a name in the u/g. but I recommend to maniacs to check em out.

5. What can you tell me about the morbid cover/back cover art artwork used for “Cursed Relics”? What does it depict?

Again a hard question. I cannot describe what the artist does on his own. I would really like to know what he will have in mind when he did this mega opus!!!
For me it represent the total darkness and death upon this world and that we humans go through....
Beksinski is god!!!very sick and dark artwork.....
only death is real...

16. I want to know about the name of your band and how it was chosen.

Hahaha, many have asked me about this question. Well,I don't think its so special but since someone is curious then I can understand him/her.
The name came to my mind around 2001 I think when I was in Australia....
I wanted something to sound really primitive and sick and also a band never using this before,which never did. Of course not a sophisticated name,a few years ago I wanted to change it,but we said better leave it,so I left it. No special meaning behind it,hahahahaahah. Just wanted a sleazy name,that's all.

Can the word “fun” be applied with the type of music you play?

I listen to some old punk/hardcore and the term "fun"is used in a different way,depends how you use it. For n.vomit been a fun band,I don't think so,when you play black/death metal and are a fun band,somethings wrong,better quit or do something else. Just very simple,darkness and fun don't fit,why some people struggle with this. Darkness and occultism on all other topics around this just DON'T fit with fun,end of all.

18. What’s been occupying your stereo lately? Any bands of late that have impressed you?

Right now I'm listening to burzum-det som engang var album.
Killer album so cold and grim,it's a timeless album no doubt.
For the last years I listen to old classic bands I grew up with and some old obscure bands....
About some newer bands that caught my attention were:necros christos,drowned,hat­espawn,goatvomit,hie­rophants descent,embrace of thorns,resegencey,ne­crovorous,impure worship,negative plane,venenum,offerm­od,weapon,black feast,black grail,communion,pois­onous,moder,almighty­ sathanas,cthonic aura,doombringer,cul­tes des ghoules,cruciamentum­,grave miasma,black serpent and a couple more...
if you still search in the very depths of hell,you will still find some promising bands!

19. Well, thanks a lot for your time Isaak! Best wishes to you and your band. Feel free to end the interview on any note you’d like… Praise the Darkness!!

Darkest regards James for doing this intie,goat hails to you for the support and for all! Maniacs,perverts,wit­ches,criminals,occul­tist,murderers check us out,give it a go! Satanic regards to all fallen souls that have helped us and still do...
into everlasting fire..!!!

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