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Witching Metal Webzine

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Krypts- Self-titled EP

Krypts, next to Swallowed, have probably the most underground buzz of any newer death metal band out of Finland, and for good reason. Perhaps MORE so than any other newer death metal band, Krypts have a very unique sound, and completely avoid the classification "worship band". As much as I love acts like Miasmal, Ritual Necromancy, and Vasaeleth, I have to give Krypts credit for not emulating Entombed or Incantation. One could conjecture that Krypts may be influenced by Incantation, as well as Finnish acts like Convulse and Demigod, but they take influence without using Mortal Throne of Nazarene as a tablature book.

The style on this EP is very similar to that of their previous release, the demo "Open the Crypt". Weighty, eerie, death metal with prominent lead guitar melodies. Creepy, otherworldly riffs abound, floating above the rhythm section and slithering in between vocal patterns. The rhythm section underpins the megalomaniacal riffage with unceasing precision, never getting too "brutal", never blasting, always complimentary to the guitars. The result is as a hypnotic as a will'o'wisp beckoning from the marsh. My only complaint about this EP is that it's too short. At 2 songs and 12 minutes, I can think of shorter EP's, but this is just so good that I crave more. Luckily, Krypts are due to release a full length in 2012...


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