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Monday, July 16, 2012

Ahab - The Giant

Ahab. The worlds only 'Nautical Funeral Metal' band are now nothing more then another scratch in the wall of letdowns that I seem to find these days. The Giant is their third full release and naturally following suit with themes of oceanic folklore and myths from ages past.
Now I'm not sure if it was my anticipation of wanting it to be another 'Call of the Wretched Sea' or if it was all the hype generated in the interwebs but I was left with a bad taste. Earlier releases managed to provide an intense and magical atmosphere that they just can't seem to replicate. Everything has changed and not entirely for the better. The clean vocal passages just seem overused, haunting riffs aren't as brooding and drawn out and the art. Oh the art. All previous releases to date have a sense of sorrow and subtle nightmares through the use of watercolors and ancient paintings but 'The Giant' is nothing more than something from a Rob Zombie film clip. It looks like a fucking horrible metalcore piece!

I can imagine you're getting the impression I hate this album. Not true. I'm not angry..just disappointed. There are quite a few redeeming qualities to it which most funeral doomers will agree with. Monster sections of both massive riffs and very emotional slow leads that tend to get the mood going again through clenched fists and gritting teeth.

All in all it's a decent release for modern funeral but it's still leagues away from their earlier seaward ventures. Very clean, very polished and very heavy.


EdoCFH said...

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A.K said...

Sure can, mate.
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