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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Interview: Morbid Insulter

Morbid Insulter interview conducted and contributed by James Goatfukk.

1. Impure invocations! For those
less-informed, could you please enlighten the reader with some information about this vile entity known as MORBID INSULTER and the reason for its existence?

Conjurer: Ave Lucifer! This is C. Conjurer of the damned cult called Morbid Insulter writing. Its bloodstained shrines where crafted in 2004 and the first offering was the “Strike from the grave” demo in released 2005. One year later a promo entitled “From the womb of pestilence” was made and in 2008 the MLP “Thundering Evil” was evoked through I Hate records. We recently also brought forth a new MLP called “Antichrist Blasphemies” also materialized by I Hate. The 4 pillars of this synagoga satanae are:

Expulser – Black mass prayer and holocaust ecstasy

AIDS – Thermonuclear abominations and premature deathrape

P. Penetrator – Infernal deprivation and endless hate crime

Conjurer – Slayer of Hiram and resurrector of Anti-Christ

2. Tell us about the ideological aspect of your music and where you draw inspiration from.

Conjurer: The ideological aspects of the bands are the ones we consider to be what Black and Death Metal always should be about. Namely, Deathworship, Satanic witchcraft and mysticism, the degeneration of all types of morals and laws, and boundless fucking hatred in general. Inspiration comes from personal experiences and our living faith and creed, which is then expressed through the music and lyrics which is mainly inspired by other extreme metal acts, as well as certain authors and poets.

3. With the likes of KARNARIUM, KILL, BESTIAL MOCKERY, IN AETURNUM, CRAFT, NECROVATION, DEMONICAL etc. It's evident that Sweden isn't lacking as far as quality bands, so what is it about a country with such a low crime rate and refined as Sweden that makes it spawn such hellish acts?

Conjurer: First off, I wouldn't say In Aeternum or Demonical are quality bands, rather the opposite, and secondly a quick search on the internet will reveal that Sweden seem to have quite an average crime rate compared to other industrial European countries. I would rather say that the main reason for why Sweden always have had a lot of bands is simply due to that there has been a certain mentality and a environment that has enabled the means to start up bands here. A natural consequence of this will be that some of all these acts want to push things further and break out of the conventional aspects of this kind of music, thus resulting in more extreme bands. Not strange really.

4. For some people extreme Metal is an expression of one's inner being and a way to channel dark energies, and for some it's about making violent fucking noise to terrify worthless faggots; to which one of these 'categories' does MORBID INSULTER relate to more or less?

Conjurer: With no doubt it is the first reason mentioned, although that doesn't say it hinders us from creating insane fucking deathnoise that certainly place us far from most weaklings around. But, if the music and lyrics doesn't stem from ones most sincere and inner life, then I wouldn't call you anything else than a mere liar or poser playing for fun and cheap thrills. Morbid Insulter are NOT, nor ever will be, an act that just care for music only.

5. A lot of people say the underground network such as tape trading is dead and will never come back. Do such opinions have any relevance to you?

Conjurer: I find it rather strange as I just the other month received dubbed tapes with rehearsals and the like from a couple of comrades within the scene. Still, new mediums of interaction (how lousy they ever may be) are here to stay and we would be stupid not to take advantage of the benefits they might offer. I have certainly made many invaluable contacts through the internet, which I doubt I would have attained without it. Never the less, this doesn't say I don't send or receive my fare share of letters from all around the blackest depths of the underground each year.

6. Why do you think it is that the majority of black/death bands from Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia blaspheme against Christianity when Islam is their most prevalent religion? You think it's perhaps got to do with the fact that some of these bands are Buddhists/Muslims?

Conjurer: A spontaneous guess from my side would be that they rather are too influenced by western Black/Death Metal bands that usually address Christian matters in lyrics, than trying to draw inspiration from their own social context. For me Black/Death Metal is Satanic, which is a spiritual path not fixed to any specific religion-cultural system of thought, thus there should be no contextual boundaries concerning the concepts within our music.

7. Let's say some Metal band produces good music, but the members in the band are Muslims, would you still listen to their music even if they didn't promote their beliefs or are you fully against hypocrites as such?

Conjurer: Hah, it's rather obvious which type of answer you are looking for here... Still, if I where to discover a Metal band consisting of Islam extremists promoting immense acts of terror or maybe a group of heretical sufis of let's say the Ovaysiyya order, I would love to hear it, but I doubt that will ever happen haha.

8. People seem to deem gore porn shit as 'brutal' but I have better things to use my mind for than things like that. It's more of a fetish thing than brutal, wouldn't you say?

Conjurer: Who cares? People are retarded and should be killed, simple as that.

9. How do you feel about the fact that MP3 junkies might get hold of your stuff and spread it like aids among their faggot friends?

Conjurer: I haven't actually seen any Morbid Insulter material as mp3 being spread around on the internet, which probably has to do with the fact that we have mostly released exclusively on vinyl. Anyway, it's more or less impossible to make sure our releases only end up in the hands of those actually deserving them, so I find it quite much a waste of energy to ponder about which cunts that might have heard of us or not. As long as at least some records reach a few serious individuals it's worth it I reckon and also hardly think we will lack sales due to this.

10. What bands influenced the sadistic auditory of MORBID INSULTER?

Conjurer: Old South American madness like Sarcofago, old Sepultura, MX, Vulcano and Pentagram. Ancient Black metal like Master's Hammer, Mortuary drape, Bathory,

Blasphemy and Sodom. Possessed, Morbid Angel and Slayer also have there place here. More ”recent” cults such as Necros Christos, Adorior, Grand Belial's Key, Force of Darkness and Nifelheim have maybe meant something to us as well. Also old Heavy metal has always had a certain amount of influence on our sound.

11.Does the members in MORBID INSULTER abuse themselves with any alcohol/chemical substances when the opportunity represents itself?

Conjurer: Not going into details, but yes it happens from time to time...

12. Give me your opinion on the following:

*Funeral Doom- Worship and Evoken comes to mind.

*Black Magick- is a term that usually throughout history has been used to denote an esoteric practice that challenged the normal moral and religious features of the time and place, most often to place the one using the term in opposition to it as to show their own magical practice (which then is thought to be”white”) to be harmless and more noble. Although we can discuss its actual linguistic origin (which probably links it to ancient Egyptian al-kimia) I actually use it in very much the same manner as mentioned above, but in order to distinguish my craft from their white-light arts.

*Paper 'zines- Of course preferred before web-zines.

*Beastiality – Until recently completely legal in SwedBolden.

*Prostitutes – A profession like any other.

13. What do you think about censorship in Metal?

Conjurer: Censorship in what ever manner it might be professed should be criticised and rejected as much as possible. Extreme metal must be EXTREME, not only musically but also ideologically and made visible through action. Yet this is actually seen very seldom, and that might be the reason why I believe that we must reclaim the notion of genuine extremism within our cult, not to advocate free-speech or other crude humanistic values but rather in order to transgress everything that is politically correct, morally accepted and that which has taken the form of a fixed order (spiritual aspects are including).

14. Do you think there is any connection between life and death?

Conjurer: Life and death are interconnected in the sense that they constantly overlap each other to form the constant ongoing process of the cosmos (or samsara as the Indian would call it). This can also in to some extant be understood through the alchemical concepts or formula of solve et coagula, indicating that matter in this spatio-temporal world of causality constantly evolve through a process of dissolvement and stabilization. The concept of ”salvation”, as understood in most elaborate systems of spirituality, can thus be seen as escaping from this constant ”re-accurance” or rather genuinely comprehend it as an illusion.

15. Would you ever consider having an orgasmic threesome with a 300kg fat bitch and another bitch with anorexia?

Conjurer: I'm not going to waste my time talking about my sexual encounters with your mother and daughter in this interview. Fuck off.

16. Thanks for your time! Any last sentiments before we lay this interview to rest? Maybe you can tell us about your expectations/plans for MORBID INSULTER or any other data that might be of interest to our readers. All hail the Dark Lord!

Conjurer: Thanks for letting us spread our filth in your pages. We are for the moment working on material for an upcoming 7” which will be called ”Deathworship”, which will hopefully be finished and released later this year. Other upcoming releases is a compilation CD with both MLPs, which should be out on I Hate records in a near future and the tape version of ”Antichrist Blasphemies” will be out on Crush until Madness quite soon as well.

My final words goes out to all Black/Death Metal madmen, infernal necromancers and sorors of the abominable arts to get in touch through the addresses found below for trades, live-sabbath and witchery.


/C. Conjurer on the behalf of the saturnian brotherhood known as MORBID INSULTER 2011




Morbid Insulter c/o Skogberg

Köldgatan 18

418 32 Gothenburg


c/o Skogberg
Köldgatan 18
418 32 Göteborg



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