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Monday, February 24, 2014

Antinomian - Nihilum Infandum

Antinomian are the metamorphosis of Subvertio Deus. They are certainly one of the forerunners in Occult/Spiritual Black Metal. The immense atmosphere this duo creates in the name of the Void... is purely magical.

The first offering "The Incandescent Aberrance" starts with a ritual ambient build-up towards a mid-paced invitation to celebrate the womb, filled with the skillful trance-like riffs which were present in Subvertio Deus- Psalms of Perdition. The vocals are greatly executed with a guttural prayer technique that transports the listener subconsciously to the ritual temple. There are a few moments where the vocals change into hauntingly agonizing screams which embody the very essence of death. The drums are versatile and played with precision. At 7:04 the speed subsides into a slow alternate picked arpeggiated riff... This enhances the listener in a trance of devotion, after which it returns to the mid-paced assault on the causal paradigm.

The second offering "Intergenesis of Chaos and Void" starts with a slow voudon drum pattern on the toms, eerie alternate picked riffs, murky in ambience, shadows it. From here on it shifts into a doomy vibe with an alternate version of the riff, morphing in hypnotic melody and harmony with great diverse drumming. Initially it breaks into mid-paced frequencies once more, ranging from blasts to double bass patterns, always keeping the riffs interesting and layered. At around 6:25 the format breaks into another alternate riff filled with chaos. Moans from the abyss rejoice subtly in the background, as the track reaches its climax- with great double bass variations underneath a haunting tremolo picked riff and rhythmic foundation with the second guitar. The format breaks with a superb low tempo riff on the low E string, ending the brilliant structure on a high note.

The title offering "Nihilum Infandum" is a mesmerizing instrumental, full of devotion, haunting chorus driven guitars invokes the mysteries as the listener awaits the conclusion.

The fourth and final offering "Chained To The Lifeless" starts with another short ambient piece which breaks into pure annihilation of matter through chaotic structured riffs and drumming which are far from conventional, keeping up with the diverse nature of the previous works. This prayer offers intense redirection in terms of progression, creating a storm of riffs complex and layered, dissonant in harmony and melody, breaking away from the genetics of one dimensional Black Metal into a composition beyond 10 dimensions. At around 9:00 another break occurs into an alternate picked oblivion, chords ringing into the psyche of the listener when suddenly, rhythmic palm muted riffs supports the leads. It then emerges into double bass patterns with a great progression over it, transforming yet again into uncomfortable formulations of sonic chaos which make any mundane would lose their mind... The uncompromising complex progressions take over in totality, breaking the confinements of matter, eternally elevating the spirit.

This Opus was one of the best works I've heard this year. It made me write my first review with great reason. Really transcendental work, the devotion to the Womb is present...

For fans of Mortuus, Nightbringer, Fides Inversa and Deathspell Omega-SMRC era.

My rating would’ve been 100% if the guitars were higher in the mix. 95/100.

Review by Leighton Misticus: forestmist:bmetal@gmail.com

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