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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diabolical Demon Director Interview

Diabolical Demon Director (DDD) are a three piece thrash metal band from Melbourne, Victoria. They've been consistently putting out demos and EP's since 2007. These guys are true underground maniacs who put everything they have into supporting heavy metal. I caught up with their frontman Jeff for this interview.

Evening Deathjustice! How’s your day been down there in Hellbourne?
Let’s kick this interview off with a bit of background info on Diabolical Demon Director if ya don’t mind, mate. Just the general stuff like who’s in the band, what you’ve released so far, what style you guys play etc. etc., just to give the readers an idea what you’re all about!

G'Day Mate!! Yesterday and today so far, has been sailing along a ripper. I was supposed to be in the bush this weekend but instead got drunk at the Stormbane dungeon, lots of damage hahaha. Now I listen to some Zebarges from France, classic shit!

Alright mate, Diabolical Demon Director is a ugly thrash metal band that doesn't give a shit what's going on around them and dwells under the underground. DDD was formed by me back in mid 2001 when I was 18 still in high school. I just wanted to create a mix of the 2 best bands for me Black Sabbath and Destruction, I still follow this today. Struggled with finding committed thrashers and shit, got to remember thrash and heavy metal wasn't really popular back than as it is now. So we didn't record a official demo and didn't play any gigs, we just remained a garage band before 2007.
Since 2007 the line up has been Death Justice on guitar and vocals, Necrohammer on the bass and Death Angel on the drums. We've played 3 gigs hahahaha all in 2009 and released 9 poisons over the rotten earth.

2007 As darkness hit rehearsal cd
2008 Hour of the black demons demo cd
2008 The death sentence demo tape
2009 Inside the cistern demo cd
2009 The demon chamber EP cd
2010 The demo dungeon 2008-2009 compilation tape
2010 Rehearsal in a grave tape
2010 Under the underground promo cd
2010 Surrounded by evil EP cd

Aside from Black Sabbath and Destruction, I also hear a lot of early Bathory, early Sodom and Vomitor in DDD's sound. Are there any other less obvious influences and elements that go into making a DDD song?

Yeah man all those rippers are very influential, especially Vomitor. When I randomly brought “Bleeding The Priest” from a distro early 2003 it changed everything, The speakers changed me walls from white to black before eyes hahaha.
Ah we listen to heaps of shit, I listen to stuff like John Carpenter soundtracks, Tangerine dream, Old Computer game music, Hardcore punk etc just as much as Metal. Lots of NWOBHM, Heavy metal over the years like Gaskin, Ritual, Millennium, Brocas Helm, Manilla Road etc... Pretty much the only shit we don't listen to is modern death/black metal, grind, rap and pop music. There's also a lot of influences outside of music as well of course.

Cool stuff mate! Variety is always great.
Have you or any of the other members been involved with any other bands in the past, what about now? Or is it just DDD all the way for you guys (and girl)?

Hahaha who would want a arsehole like me in their band? Only Death Angel has been in another band before DDD. 2005-2007 She was in a band called Howling Furies which did Thrash and Heavy metal covers. They played 2 gigs I think and wrote 1 original song, I was at their first gig, it was a classic!
Otherwise I've written some songs, riffs and lyrics for other underground bands here & overseas over the years & done guest vocals. They really want the bestial Barry White voice hahahaha. I've been asked to join and try out for a couple of other bands over the years, most notable being Nocturnal Graves early 2007 but my axe was too ugly and loose hahaha. After Gravey I got some more offers but turned ‘em all down, Only DDD is real!

So what's it like living down in the dirty south, Hellbourne? Do you get to go to many metal gigs? Is there a decent "scene" around there? I know there are plenty of quality bands down there but are there any my readers and I might be missing out on?

Expensive is the first thing that comes to mind hahaha. Lots of dickheads, slags and poofs around annoying me hahaha, I want out of here to be honest.
As for gigs depends what you like and listen too, for me none of the bands I like play live hardly at all and it's been pretty boring last few years to be honest. Too many boring bands around, the same bands always play and a lot of the fans are just social sheep.
A lot of the Death/Black metal bands are boring and it's like watching concrete dry hahaha (need nocturnal graves to come back). The thrash part of the live circuit here isn't very good, if you like Pantera/Petallica/new Slayer there is heaps of that crap for ya. Heavy metal the same, just too many modern sounding bands, Doom metal far too boring. Ask someone else you probably get a different answer, but that's how I feel.
Of course there are a few bands I respect even though I don't like their music. Basically shit gets praised but the real good stuff doesn't, it's the same old story.
Some bands that stand out for me are Stormbane, Dire Fate, Maniaxe, Johnny Touch, Doomed Beast, Wurm, Ion Drive, XXSeX, Bengal Tigers, Barbarion, Impious Baptism, Ancient Evil and probably some more I can't remember etc.

So there's not too much going on down there these days? I always thought there was more happening down there!
Seeing as you've been gigging around for a while now, surely you've had some awesome and not-so-awesome experiences during DDD's "career", got any you'd like to share?

Hahaha, like I said it depends what you listen to and what you wanna see, I want fucking real thrash and heavy metal and there's nothing on offer on the live circuit here in Melbourne for me, only on recordings. So to me there's not much going on and time is better spent with other activities. Yeah there are gigs on all the time, sometimes 6 metal gigs in one night hahaha, metal heads everywhere. Doesn't really mean shit though in the end does it when none of the bands move you.
Hahahaha yeah we've done 4 national tours and 2 Europe tours and south American stroll as well, so that's 3 gigs in 10 years hahaha. We never get asked for gigs. We have no Pantera influences and all my riffs are retarded so everyone hates us and doesn't care hahaha. We had around 70-80 bangers at our first gig on a 45 degree day back in early 2009. That was cool, city was in meltdown with power cuts but really it was just us taking all the power on the stage hahaha. Lots of thrashing and headbanging it was great, a vid of this show is on utube. The worst one was the last gig we played in August 2009 outside of Melbourne east of the state. Not one thrasher in the crowd hahaha, it was like alien music to them hahahaa. That was an experience I won't forget hahahaa.
So it's been almost 2 years since our last show, with new mates and support we'll do another gig or 2 in the second half of this year. We're bloody hungry for some live action, more thrashing rage upon the stage is needed here.

If I recall correctly, I believe your ladyfriend runs a distro, Graveyard Shift Records, what can you tell us about that?

Yeah mate I help out on the side, it's just so we can offload some of the trades. I'll let the demon speak for her self...

G'day mate, Death Angel here. Yep that's correct... well I used to do all the work in the beginning, but since committing to doing some arts projects of recent I've had DJ help me out a lot, but I own the distro and call the shots so to speak. Well, so far I've done four releases, two of them are the DDD EPs, I also collaborated with some overseas labels to release the Xanadoo/Wolves of Tchernobyl split CD "We sold our Souls to Thrash your Bones" and the latest vile offering being WA's Rubbish Mob 'Up in the Block Hole' cassette tape. I do some trading overseas to get in some stock that varies from the other distros in Australia. No point in stocking what other places already got and I prefer distributing unrepresented bands. You should be able to find Graveyard Shift Records on facebook search, or anyone interested in the releases or other stock can shoot me an email at graveyardshiftlabel@hotmail.com

Thanks for the slice of info DeathAngel! It sounds like you guys take a unique approach to running a distro, which is pretty cool!

I would like to thank you (and you too DA) for doing this interview, Deathjustice. It's been a pleasure! Have you any last words for myself and the readers out there in internet land mate?

Cheers mate and no worries, always a ripper to do any interview. Cheers for even asking us hahahaa, I owe ya a beer. This is only the second webzine intie we've done.
We still have some copies of our latest EP CD "Surrounded by Evil" Still available, also badges, patches and some small size knights of the demon shirt left. Contact diabolical_demon_director@hotmail.com if you want to get contaminated with our shit or want to trade.
2 split releases should be out some time this year with some ripper overseas bands like Oath (italy), Fornication (canada) & Skullface (greece) check those metal ragers out! yeah!!!!!
If things go our way we'll do a couple of gigs later in the year and record our debut album "Bound in Lucifer's Chains" that will be a pearler! 95% of the material on it was written in 2004/2005 hahaha. Your speakers and bed will melt!
We're on the network poof sites look us up and we'll stroll up on the screen right before your eyes haha. Look up graveyard shift as well ya bastards.
Keep up the good work mate, Salutes & Thrashing rage in the Desert of Hades!

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