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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interview with Shannon Hush (Trench Hell, The Coffins Slave Distribution)

Shannon Hush (A.K.A Hushy) is the guitarist in Trench Hell and the man behind The Coffins Slave (www.thecoffinsslave.com), an underground metal distributor. He's been around the block in the Australian metal scene a few times and has played with some legendary acts. I managed to get the chance to chat in depth with him about music, The Coffins Slave and a few other topics.

Afternoon Hushy, how is this dreary Autumn day treating you? For those out there who don't know of Trench Hell, would you mind giving us a brief background on the band? Who's in Trench Hell? What style of Metal do you play? What are your main influences? How did you get started up? What has the band been doing recently?

Busy as a cat burying shit mate, things are pretty hectic around here. Autumn already? Fuckin’ hell! Well, we started in 2004 when I lived in Brisbane and our first demo was released in early 2005, after that we released a MLP "Southern Cross Ripper" in 2008 I think it was, then a split 7" with Aussie maniacs Assaulter.

2005 - Alcoholic Disaster Demo Cassette
2005 - Alcoholic Disaster 7"
2006 - Alcoholic Disaster Pic 7"
2008 - "Southern Cross Ripper" MCD
2008 - "Southern Cross Ripper" MLP
2009 - "Sadistic Messiah" 7" Split with Assaulter
2010 - "Southern Cross Ripper" Pro Cassette

Current members are Kel - Vokills and Studio Drums, Iron Bass and Backing vokills and myself on the Axe. and (Kev European Session Drummer) I also write an construct all the music so anything you don't like, I'm the man to blame haha,

The style is Heavy Metal with a touch of Speed / Thrash and Heavy rock. Think of Motorhead beats the shit out of Running Wild, The vokills are a full fist fight between Lemmy and Tom G Warrior.

Main influences vary from time to time. Mostly serial killers and horror, Violence and so on, Music wise I listen to a lot of Razor, Early Metallica, Motorhead , NWOBHM and so on.. I guess I got started with it because I wanted to do something with the shit I was writing. I had been writing it for a while and once I dragged Kel into the studio to do drums and vokills it all went from there. Of late I have been just writing new stuff for the album.. We are not an active band so much... We have our fist Australian show coming up in June at EVIL INVADERS III, so that will be interesting, Its kinda weird touring the whole of Europe before playing in your own country.. But I guess Australia deserves that on some level.

Thanks for that background info mate! I'm pretty sure anyone who reads this will know everything there is to know!
I understand you have also recently started up a distro called The Coffins Slave, what can you tell us about that?

Well not everything, haha, Yeah well I have been trading and selling heavy metal for a lot of years so I decided to do this full swing since no one else in Australia was having a good crack at it. Pretty much the final straw was seeing all the markets at festivals in Europe and realizing how fucking shit it is to find metal in Australia unless it’s signed to Nuclear Blast. Lets face the facts though, there are not a lot of maniacs down-under that buy the shit I order but once word gets around about certain releases people normally get of their arse and grab a copy, I try to get in a lot of new shit that people have not heard because I'm sick of people saying, man, I wish bands release shit like this these days or, fuck the metal released these days is shit!, Well its far from the truth! Just check out bands like, In Solitude, Hellish Crossfire, Christian Mistress, Bloody Sign, Children of Technology, Grave Miasma, Portrait, Hellbringer, the list goes on for fucking days, there is A LOT of quality Heavy Metal, Doom, Thrash Speed you name it! I guess I’m slitting my own throat doing this these days considering most people download, But there a still enough Vinyl collectors here to be able to import it.

We're also releasing bands and have a few things on our roster! We just released TRIAL from Sweden's Demo Cassette and its just about sold out now after being released for a week, Hell it was only 100 but better than a slap in the nuts.We're also re releasing RENEGADE - "Total Armageddon" + Demo on Vinyl and CD, and a few other things from Spectral Birth/Incubus, Black Jesus and so on;

TCSC0001 - TRIAL - 2011 Demo OUT NOW
TCSCD0001 - RENEGADE - Total armageddon + 1985 Demo (CD Soon)
TCSLP0001 - RENEGADE - Total armageddon + 1985 Demo (LP Soon)
TCSCD0003 - SPECTRAL BIRTH - RAZE 1990 Demo (CD) With Bonus 1988 demo "The Turbulence" and Incubus "Sinful Dreams" 1987 demo.

It's really great to see someone with such passion for the music having a good crack at distributing quality old-school metal these days, it seems as if a lot of the fans don't have that die-hard passion anymore, which is what kills metal in the long run.
While on the subject of the Coffins Slave, I'm really looking forward to the festival you've been working your arse off to put together "Evil Invaders III". It has to be one of the best festivals Australia has ever seen, the line up is killer! Is there anything you would like to share regarding the fest?

This is very true..

Evil Invaders is a festival I have done in 2006 and 2007 but due to lack of support from punters and venues we shut it down, this year I have put sooooo much fucking time into it! But it has been worth it because it sold out 3 months before the show! And I'm so glad that happened, People have been emailing us "How can we get in" "We missed out on tickets" and all that, but they thought it wouldn't sell out so they got sacked! This festival is so cheap at $29.80 for TWO NIGHTS!!! I don’t know how people couldn't have just gone out and grabbed their tickets straight away because now it makes me look like an arsehole when my friends say "but I don't have a ticket". Sorry, but nothing I can do once the venue is at capacity! Anyway point to the story is, maybe next year people will pay more attention and get their ticket early.

Also we have not put out the official statement yet but heres some news for you about the festival. Taipan had to pull out due to their drummer having to go over seas. They have now been replaced by KILL FOR SATAN! so get that up ya goat! We're disappointed that Taipan had to pull out, but hey, this shit happens.

It's a shame so many people have to miss out, I'm glad you were able to hold one until payday for me or I might have also missed out!
I don't see why anybody would wait around to get a ticket at this amazing price! It really is unfortunate that Taipan had to pull out, but Kill For Satan will fit in on the bill perfectly!

You seem to be a bit of an unsung "legend" in the Australian metal scene having played in bands such as Gospel of the Horns, Nocturnal Graves, Urgrund, Toxic Holocaust (as a live member) and others. What has your general experience been like, being involved in so many great bands within Australia's heavy metal hierarchy

I agree totally mate! Don't worry, I'm still holding a few peoples tickets, haha. This will be good for Kill For Satan as they are also about to unleash their new full-length Album through other Aussie label maniacs Obsidian Records.

Far from it mate I'm a Legend in fishing and that’s about it hahaha. Having played in those bands does not make me and different from the next heavy metal maniac. Of course, people think they know who you are when in fact they don't at all, and people have some strong opinions that they like to share, but like any person should, I take it on the chin and over all don't give two shits about what people think. Being in all those bands, I learned a hell of a lot about this country and its "heavy metal" punters and bands.... one of the biggest problems in Australian Heavy Metal is bands are just trying to hard to impress people with press statements "We're this"…", we're that" instead of just doing their thing. If they spent more time writing and recording some good music and not running around on the internet saying they are the next big thing to come out, when in fact they suck and have nothing to add to anything. I don't really know what else to say about that question, of course there are ups and downs in my past but over all... I don't care, the "I don't give a fuck" attitude goes a long way. Trench Hell has never played in this country for a reason! We decided to play through Ireland, NL, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany and some of the best heavy metal festivals along side some historic bands!!! Just because we knew if we played here no one would pay attention, I mean, let’s face it we sell bugger all records here in our home country, maybe a 5th of what we sell in America and Europe, so what's the point? The purpose of playing Evil Invaders was to kinda say "yes, we do exist". But who cares, Australia is a weird place, and let me add a horrible place to be in a band. Why do I keep doing it? Because it’s always been about recording music I like, and not "bowing down" so others like it. I still enjoy writing and recording, so until that changes we will be here. haha.

Spoken like a true die-hard. I can tell that you are extremely passionate about what you do, unlike a lot of these "fakes" and "posers" out there!

While on the subject; as you know, I recently interviewed Luke Bennett of Hellbringer and during the interview he stated how he dislikes the local scene down in Canberra which has lead to some negative backlash and slander from other Canberra bands and fans. What are your thoughts on this situation and others like it where you have people crying out "arrogant rockstar bastard!" and getting ridiculously offended over something so small as another mans' opinion?

Well I have read this interview from Luke, and there is nothing wrong with it? And what's there to like in the Canberra "Scene"? NOTHING happens there!! And thats a fact, I used to live there in the 90's and it was ok then, but now, you can be lucky if a half century turn up to your show. This goes back to what I was saying earlier, if you can't handle the fact that some people don't like your band then put your guitar down and fuck off! I mean for fucks sake! Luke was not going out of his way to shame people or whatever, or hardly was he acting like a "Rockstar" he was simply stating the truth! I know of two active bands in Canberra, Hellbringer and Kill for Satan, well, and Wardom but one member lives in Adelaide. These are three bands I like, but anyway my point is... these people need to harden the fuck up and stop paying attention to what other people think! Just because they play in what they call "A metal Band" doesn't instantly mean that Luke, You, myself or any member of the public will like these bands. I don't like bands just because they have distorted guitars and fast drums! It’s way more than just having a "Heavy Sound".Some people think Heavy metal is this big band of brothers and sisters that all happily live together in this big fairy kingdom full of cup cakes and chocolate milk.It’s far from the case! So my comment to that is simply “Get over it.” Besides, Who were the bands saying this?

My thoughts exactly, these people and bands just don’t “get it”! I’m not sure who the bands or people were, as they, like the pussies they are, used the anonymity of the internet to hide their identities!

Now, moving on from such an ugly subject! What is next for Trench Hell and The Coffins Slave? Have you announced any more upcoming shows, merchandise or releases?

What’s the point of complaining if someone doesn't like their band? I mean, what are they going to do? Force feed you until you like it? It’s just stupid.

Well, as I said, I’m just writing to record our Full-Length album "Sadist Strike" We will have new T-shirts and Merch at the Evil invaders show, we might also have a live LP coming out from our European tour. But that depends on some stuff. Everything works pretty slow here. At the moment just rehearsals for Evil Invaders and writing for the album…

With the Coffins Slave, We're about to put the Renegade to Press, New LP stock coming in from, Rotting Christ, Samael, Katatonia, Pentagram, Witchrist, Diocletian, Negative Plane, Hellbringer, and loads more!!! We are also distributers for Brazilian points so we have "Only Death is Real" - Hellhammer/Celtic Frost hardcover MASSIVE book, Hellbent for cooking cook book, with submissions from bands like, Trench Hell, Shackles, Sadistik Exekution, Accept, Mayhem,Judas Priest, Sepultura and so on, and the KILLER Swedish death metal book, going right into the depths of Swedish death metal demos and bands! a really great book!! We also have our stock at the walk in shop at REPRESSED RECORDS in Newtown Sydney 356 King Street, Newtown 2042 (02) 9557 6237 www.thecoffinsslave.com

Exactly, people need to learn how to take a bit of criticism, be it positive OR negative, these days!

Sounds like you're gonna be kept VERY busy over the coming months! It's good to see a distro that keeps things exciting.

Are you, or any other members of Trench Hell involved in any other projects currently? What have the other members done in the past musically, metal or otherwise?

Always very busy mate! Always! haha

I’m in no other bands at the moment, maybe I will be after Evil Invaders, but I will let that evolve as it happens. Iron, our bass player as far as I know has only done Shackles and live member for Ghastly, he also does another thing called Convent Guilt. Maybe they will get around to recording a demo soon? Kel is also the drummer in Kill for Satan, and used to sing in the Canberra death metal band Psychrist. Thats about it, I think… Jarro who drummed on Southern Cross Ripper was in Destroyer 666, Hobbs Angel of Death, Nocturnal Graves and more bands that would fill this page three times over! Hahaha, everyone has always been involved in metal...

I’d like to thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview, as I know you’re a very busy man who barely has time to scratch his own balls! I appreciate it and enjoyed our conversation very much.
Do you have anything else you would like to say to myself or anyone who reads this?

Cheers Wayde,

Anyone who wants to buy some CD or records sift through the shop at www.thecoffinsslave.com band contact can be made via trench_hell@hotmail.com

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