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Monday, March 28, 2011

Perdition Temple - Edict of the Antichrist Elect

Angelcorpse fan? Morbid Angel fan? If so, you’ll be excited to know that two former Angelcorpse members (Gene Palubicki and Terry “Warhead” Eleftheriou) have picked up where Angelcorpse left off in 2009 and released a bat shit insane Morbid Angel worshipping album that stands a cut above most other bands who kneel at the altar of madness.

Perdition Temple is 2-piece that truly stands out in these times of “new-old school death metal”. Imagine this; swirling “Altars of Madness” inspired riffs, well thought out lyrics, intense and technical drumming and beastly vocals (while no Pete Helmkamp, Gene can roar with the best of them). “Edict of the Antichrist Elect” is an album that will wreck your neck non-stop from start to finish.

There is a lot to like about this album. The guitar tone is pure old-school death metal darkness and works well with the bass to create a feeling of desperation and insanity. The drumming is extremely intense and really pushes the songs along, Terry is very talented at what he does.

The axe work on this album is definitely a high point and should please any of you guitar nerds out there. Technical (in the good, non-wankery way) riffs and solos are to be found all over the place here and it’s no secret that Gene really knows his way around his instrument of choice.

Every single song on here is great, however, towards the middle of the album it gets a bit of the old “one long song” syndrome happening and it seems like the boys are running out of ideas for a while there.This is rectified later on, though, so don’t expect to get bored or find yourself reaching for the skip button.

This is another one of those albums where it’s hard to choose a favourite or stand out track. “Genocide Evocation” is a fantastic opening track that sets the tone for the whole album and definitely deserves a mention here, as do the songs “In the name of a Newborn Tyrant” and “Spearhead of the Conquering”, although it is in between these two tracks that the album seems to get a bit of the aforementioned “one long song” syndrome going on.

As I mentioned earlier, this band sounds a LOT like “Altars of Madness” era Morbid Angel jamming with Angelcorpse, so don’t pick this up expecting something entirely fresh and new, but don’t expect it to be a throwback or a tribute either. Whack it in the CD player or under the stylus and bang your fucking head to some great death metal!


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