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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rubbish Mob Interview

Rubbish Mob are a gang of true Aussie battlers from the bush in Western Australia. They've been cranking out the metal for over 20 years now. Here's the resulting damage from a chat I had with their vocalist, Sir Insult-A-Lot!

Greetings Sir Insult-A-Lot ya filthy rotten bastard! How's life out there in the bush tonight? Let's hear a bit of background info about Rubbish Mob shall we? Who's in the band? What do you guys play? How long have you been around? How did ya get started up?

Sir Insult-A-Lot:
G'Day battler. Cheers for the bloody opportunity for a interview direct from the bush to invade the main lands haha.
Life is tough, hard at times and desolate but that's the way we live up here. Working, hunting, Fishing, Cars & Rock and Roll.
Not much rest for a bastard haha but tonight is a quiet one. Rubbish Mob goes back a long way, to the 80's.

Johnny, Massive and I formed a Thrash metal band named The Mob back in 1985 When we were around 16. We recorded two demos in 1986 and 1987 and we only played a couple of gigs. Not much opportunity to gig up here in Broome/Darby/Darwin areas back then & even now. We had the worst equipment and sound haha. Imagine slayer's Show no mercy album tape left in the sun for a week or 2 then playing that in your hi-fi, that's what we sounded like haha.

There was no metal at all locally we had to wait til we visited relatives in the main cities to visit record shops and buy what we could. We just loved Heavy Metal, Punk & Rock n Roll, We wanted to just go crazy and try make our own rotten sounds hahahaa. The Mob finished in 1989, Then Johnny & I moved towards Perth in the early 90's and we formed another Thrash/Punk band Named Rubbish. This was a barmy time, We recorded 2 demos & 2 ep's and played some decent gigs, Lots of attitude, alcohol and sheilas haha.

After about 10 years of mayhem Johnny & I decided to end Rubbish and go back to our bush community, Back to basic bush life for us. We grew tired of the city life and society. Then the urge returned to do some more musical mayhem, So we decided to start a new band named Rubbish Mob and play some new and old songs again, Pure rotten thrash metal punk and roll.

The band features the 3 original Mob members and 2 new members which are mates for a long time anyway.
Sir Insult-a-lot - Vocals
Johnny Psyclops - Guitar
Mahatma Cote - Guitar
Massive Mini Skip - Bass
Soggy Mac-Arson - Drums

All members live different towns so we hardly rehearse and record now. We get together for the odd gig, rehearsal and recording at least once a year.
We recorded Arsehole metal demo in 2006 and Up in the block hole demo in 2010.

Wow, Rubbish Mob sure has a lot of history!
Let's talk a bit more about the band. What influences (musical and otherwise) go into creating a Rubbish Mob song? How do you achieve your dirty metal/punk sound?

Sir Insult-A-Lot:
Stacks of fuel for the Rubbish Mob machine. All of us listen to the same tremendous stuff like The Beast (has arrived), Frank Zappa, Political Asylum, Venom, Motorhead, Destruction, Sodom, The Outcasts, Potential Threat, GBH, Discharge, Misfits, Black Sabbath, Goanna, The Syracuse Penetrators etc Punk, Thrash, Metal Mania.

Johnny comes up with all the riffs and most of the music, Soggy, Johnny & I do the lyrics. With the help of the net we can just email ideas to each other now and work out ideas. Also send CDs in the mail to each other as well.

Sound is filthy & rotten probably because we have very bad and old equipment and recording gear haha. But that's the way we like it. The next demo might have a slight improvement in the sound department haha.

Our bush culture, political mongrels, greed, death, society, Perversions and everything else that bad is also an influence. We keep our minds wide open.

Bit of everything, eh?
Now, I know absolutely nothing about metal over there in W.A., is there much of a "scene"? What bands tearing it up over there do you think stand out? Are there any particular bands I should keep a look out for?

Sir Insult-A-Lot:
Yeah listening to just one genre of music is just silly and boring really.
Ok brother, the W.A scene or whatever you want to call it is split up in 2. The north (being where we are) or the south where Perth is mainly. The south has way more action and interesting bands over the years like Black Alice, Black Steel, Angus McDeth, Trilogy, Saracen, Street Thunder, Project X, Cremator, Nighthawks, Demon Shades and many more. Up here in the north mainly Darwin there's bugger, all way too many new age bands that just don't appeal to me. Some bands I like are Explosive Lords, Back Alley Murder and Disgrace, there's more gigs on at least and more venues.

More people around up here now so that means more music fans but I don't think many of them know any of the old classic stuff. So there's more of everything but the quality and ancient aggression bands & gigs is a bit lacking still. I think it's slowly getting better and better every year which is good. Some of the rock bands still kick around here that's cool. Check those bands out I mentioned, a lot of them are good shit.

Will do mate, thanks for the recommendations!
I noticed two members of Rubbish Mob are Aboriginal, which seems rather uncommon in metal. Do you know if there are many other bands out there which feature Aboriginal members (aside from the obvious one, Alchemist)?

Sir Insult-A-Lot:
I didn't even know Alchemist had Aboriginal members myself, haha, that's cool. Yeah Johnny and Massive have Aboriginal blood in them. They are proud aboriginals and have been in a lot of trouble over the years with idiots. Yeah it's uncommon but that's expected I guess. It's hard for many to get into this stuff over here as there's not much opportunity etc. Many communities still have no computers or technology. You just have to be in the right spot at the right time up in this country. It's a shame, hopefully things will improve one day. Some Aboriginals stick to tradition, some will move forward and give things a go when given the chance.

I definitely see more Aboriginals into metal now and music in general then say 20 years ago, but still it isn't much compared to the white fellas. Not many hard bands feature aboriginals in them that I know, Street thunder and Nighthawks have Aboriginals in them. There will be more no doubt.

Onto the subject of your recently released demo "Up in the Block Hole" (which is a fuckin' great time, by the way!). What has the response been to the demo itself, as well as the cover art work featuring a naked vagina and arse hole? What has it been like working with Graveyard Shift Records? Do you feel they are helping you to get your music out to a wider audience?

Sir Insult-A-Lot:
The name was stolen from a Warwick Todd book with the same name haha. We love that bloke! The demo response has been generally very good, the cover is more of a piss-take joke on all the bad metal covers these days I see and the standards of living. Sort of feels like everyone is trying to fuck you in the block hole. The image suits the ugly sound and pisses people off that's for sure. A lot of the hardcore metal heads won't touch it or listen to it because they think it's childish haha that's great stuff.

I haven't moved much of the demo around my self I leave that to the Label. We came in contact with the label because one of the band members has family in Melbourne and they know the Graveyard Shift mob, how lucky is that? So, that's how that connection and friendship started a couple of years ago. They have worked well for us, a tremendous effort, very grateful to them. Our demo is all over the world now, haha, which would never have been possible in the old days, they know what they’re doing. Easily our most successful release so far in our musical bush journey haha, a world tour is not far off? Haha!

Seeing as you guys have been playing this type of music for over 20 years, surely you must have some killer stories from your metal trek through the bush, or even some memorable and/or funny stories relating to general bush community life, do you have any you would like to share?

Sir Insult-A-Lot:
Haha there are many. Always pub fights in this side of the country, One time many years ago Massive just enjoying his smoke and amber juice at the pub bar and then this rough truckie bastard comes in and is fuming yelling out fucking abbos this and that. Everyone is ignoring him, Then this rough bastard looks at massive and goes what do you think of these fucking abbos? Massive replied in his usual smooth manner "I'm a Aborigine, what do you think of that?" Truckie then says "I think you're a piece of shit" Massive threw his glass at the pig and absolutely belted the shit out of him in this pub brawl. Blood and broken bones everywhere! Massive just drank the drop punt's beer and walked out like nothing happen haha, Lucky there was no screws around. That truckie has never returned I don't think haha.

Yeah our cars have broken down in the bush before that's a pain in the arse. Have to sit and wait till someone finds you, we've waited up to 3 days once before. Actually the bush community isn't that much different to any other small towns over Australia it's just a bit more primitive here, that's all. Some town folk pushing wheelbarrows of slabs around, utes with 20 people on it, cars with no doors driving around sometimes, you might find that strange but it's normal up here. Getting chased by crocs isn't fun either we've all stared death in the face more then once, even wrestled a croc myself.

We have supermarkets up here now, so hunting is only for special occasions these days. We’re only starting to get street lights put in now haha.

Being a metal head was hard up here in the old days we used to get shit hanged on us all the time. We've had chairs and beer glasses thrown at us at gigs in the old days haha before brawling with the idiots in the crowd. A funny moment at a gig we've done awhile ago is when we brang a barbie onto the stage and I just started cooking some roo while I was singing haha.

Doing a gig at a local tip back in the 90's was a thrill haha jumping around in all the shit and junk. We annoy everyone with our filthy sound up here haha!

I have to write a book one day about it, so many funnies over the years.

Thanks for sharing those killer stories mate! Classic stuff, haha.
So now that you're getting more attention thanks to the Graveyard Shift crew, what's next for Rubbish Mob? Any future releases planned? What about gigs? Merchandise? I'd dig some Rubbish Mob thongs hahaha!

Sir Insult-A-Lot:
Haha, yeah thongs and g-strings would be great for the fans and family. We record another demo sometime soon and some crazy bands want to do split releases with us, so expect some extra filth to be released in the future. Maybe we'll do a compilation of the 80's and 90's recordings one day as well that would be cool.

We have a rare gig on April 22 in Darwin with some crazy bands like street thunder, explosive lords and back alley murder. Expect a night of filth and aggression.

Graveyard shift is making some badges for us soon, maybe we'll have some shirts out one day with a giant arsehole on the front, wouldn't that be great? Haha.

The national dumping shit on Australia tour has to happen sometime in the future haha, prepare for the worst!

So yeah expect to be annoyed with our shit even more in the future no doubt about it!

Great stuff mate. Best of luck to you and the guys!
I'd like to thank you for doing this interview, I really enjoyed our chat! Is there anything else you would like to say to me or the people who read this?

Sir Insult-A-Lot:
Cheers to you brother for giving us a chance to speak, we raise our beers to you. Keep up the support and work.

Yeah support our filthy sound you bastards, don't be scared of the cover you wimps, listen to the music. Any interest contact us at sewerpit@hotmail.com and the label contact is graveyardshift@hotmail.com

Look after your arseholes, The councils and government want to fuck you over. Keep on fighting them!

Guard your beers & meat we will invade the sewage cities in the future. All hell let loose by the soldiers from the bush.


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