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Witching Metal Webzine

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Advent of the Sun EP Review

Advent of the Sun are a power-tinged progressive metal group from South Dakota. They've got an EP here that is just about ready to be released I believe. It's only several tracks long, but consider it a really short album. Perfect for those with ADHD!

What I personally like about this EP is that it doesn't bore me to tears. As much as I love some 70s progressive rock, some of the progressive metal bands just don't move me. But the songs are crafted really well and don't leave you hanging dry by the middle. There are heavy parts and then there are slow movements. Besides the clean singing, there are also harsh vocals to break any sort of monotony you would have. The guitars don't just wank off during solos and lead parts, they know when to back off and let the song do its work. Even the keyboards take their time to shine and then back down, adding to atmosphere like in "Exogenesis."

Often progressive groups write really technical songs that don't really go anywhere, I don't think these guys are the case here. The vocal lines grab for attention and chorus are actually pretty hooky. Check out tracks like "Suspend" and "Haunted," they've got some great musicianship and the power metal influence eeks out with the choruses. The riffs are a touch of modern at times and there is a instrumental track that sounds like jazz fusion on steroids, so old schoolers might want to beware. The songs have the ability to really just slam down, then ease off into space for a gentle movement, and then come crashing back down.

If you're looking for a progressive metal band that doesn't show off too damn much with techwankery, then look no further here.  Fans of Dream Theater will like it, and any one that wishes to peer into uncharted territory would like it as well.

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