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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Interview: Diabolical Demon Director (2)

Old interview from 2011 contributed by James Goatfukk.

1. Good evening to you! DIABOLICAL DEMON DIRECTOR made it’s unholy invasion in the misty year of 2004 to play Grim Thrash, is it? What do you think of my tag: “Grim Thrash” –I think it suites your music just fine because your music is definitely pretty “grim” in a way! Haaha. Has there been any influence on behalf of the black Metal genre, or is this bare-to-the-bone approach in your music just the result of listening to a lot obscure 80’s Thrash for the last decade??? I mean, you certainly don’t belong to any bullshit retro trend with all these shitty Exodus/Anthrax/Slayer clones...
DJ: G'Day Mate!!! Hail Jacques Kallis haha. Diabolical Demon Director was actually born in June 2001 hahaha. Grim sounds fucking fine with me I like it!! before I heard that one we used to just call it Ugly Thrash haha. Only really 80's style of black metal we ever got into, masters like Poison, Bathory, Venom, Treblinka, Goatlord, Hellhammer etc that sort of black metal is what we like. Those bands would be big influence for sure we listen to a lot of exodus, anthrax and slayer as well of course haha but I think we sound the way we do because we just listen to so many of all genres. Agent steel, Black sabbath, Gaskin, Blackkout, Death Angel, Midnight, Xanadoo, Zebarges, Black Hole, Possessed etc New, Old, Heavy, Thrash, Speed, 80's Black Death etc just whole range of shit. Everything we listen to comes into our own creations; we are a primary a thrash metal band but like to explore other areas and incorporated that into DDD. There are no rules or boundaries for us, I find a lot of newer bands that just stick to the same old are really boring these days for me.

DA: G’day mate, Ha! Grim Thrash!…certainly one I haven’t heard before, I guess there’s definitely a degree of darkness in our music. I don’t listen to a great deal of black metal, but inspiration comes from all sources for me, even watching movies you can get dark vibes from or even the graphics of video games. Either way, it’s always been apart of our mindset to set ourselves apart from the clones.
2. DIABOLICAL DEMON DIRECTOR plays filthy kind of Thrash I like…Would it be relevant to say that DDD have that fundamental Aussie touch oozing in your music? I mean, when I listen to DDD, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, SHACKLES, VOMITOR or GOSPEL OF THE HORNS – I can just tell that I’m listening to an Aussie band…

DJ: Cheers! It really is a honor to be named alongside those great bands, Especially Vomitor. They are my favorite metal band from here easy. I've got no idea where the "aussie sound" comes from it's almost kind of natural for us I guess.

DA: That’s pretty cool man! We’re fans of all those bands and needless to say those bands have helped influenced some of my playing. I guess our location must impact our sound to a degree if that’s what people take from it, though at the same time I like to believe we are different people from different backgrounds and circumstances which would probably play a greater part to our sound.
3. Let’s talk about your latest release; the “Under the underground” promo that contains all your traxxx taken from various split releases. What can you tell us about this release and the other bands you’ve collaborated with? Which one of your split releases do you like the most? Will there be any more collaborations in the future? What about doing a split release with a South African band? Ha Ha Ha!!!

DJ: Our latest release is our EP "surrounded by evil" that arrived out December 2010. 5 tracks of grim ugly thrash done in a studio setting for a change haha. The Under the underground promo was delivered in July 2010 and it was just a preview to some contacts of what's to come. 2 split releases that involve DDD have been in the works for well over a year now the tracks are previewed on this promo. One split is with a aggressive thrash metal band from Greece named Skullface, although I'm not sure what is going on with this release? I cannot get in contact with Nikk (if you are reading mate, email me!!) so that split is in the unknown. The other split is a 3 way split with rotten thrash chain whippers Oath from Italy and Sexual carnage demons Fornication from Canada. That release is going along slow; we're just waiting on Fornication to do their tracks. The split tracks we did for the 3 way split are easily my favorite recordings we've ever done they are almost spot on production wise of how I want DDD to sound. A very ugly & aggressive sound that's very 80's sounding no modern touches or volume overload! hahahaa Depending on the sound of the band and I liked the band in question I wouldn't say no. Although we're pretty backed up with splits at the moment we’ve had to turn down a couple of offers. We have two more splits penciled in after our album with Stormbane a ripping black thrash band from Australia & Zebarges the most unique & original band I've heard.

4. I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between you and RUBBISH MOB.. WHY? I think the foundation of RUBBISH MOB”s sound is perhaps more inclined to old skull punk… One of you guys sent me their “Up in the Blockhole” demo (I think it was Death Justice who send it to me..). How did you get in contact with this band and what do you think about the.. Hmm.. front cover? Haha.

DA: Being the one responsible for the release…I was a bit hmmm about the cover art haha! At first I thought it was a bit much, but then I got to understand the mentality behind the filth and thought…you know what? Fuck it! That’s how they want to express themselves, then so be it and to be honest it fits their in your face approach to a tee. As an artist and as a band member, I understand the importance of having cover art that the band wants, it needs to meet their vision, it’s apart of the whole package…the image needs to suit or compliment the music.

DJ: Yeah I sent the demo, Rubbish Mob are a classic band, I really like their demo. They listen to the same shit as us, Have the same thoughts and laugh at the same shit haha. It's really no surprise they sound a lot like us. They just do it in a in their own more humorous weird way hahhaa. We've been in contact with the band for a few years now via email and the odd vist. They live on the other side of the country near Darwin. One of the rubbish mob band members has family here in Melbourne and they're mates with us and told us about their uncle's band etc, so that's how it all started. Dare I say there will be a Rubbish Mob/DDD split one day hahhaa. I thought the cover was classic!! just so simple but so effective. Vulgar, perverted & offensive yet so beautiful and mysterious hahaha. I heard on the wire that another demo is in works and should be out in 2012.

5. You guys did a cover of GOALORD’s awesome “Sacrifice” which is in my opinion, an excellent choice for a cover!!! It’s definitely not a song that gets covered a whole lot, if at all – what promted you guys to do a GOATLORD cover, and in what way does the aural slime of GOATLORD strike resemblance to the filthy death/thrash of DDD?

DJ: Cheers glad you blasted the cover! The cover was selected and done quite quickly almost on the spot decision to do it. Necrohammer & I have always listened and worshiped Goatlord since around 2004. We used to jam sacrifice out sometimes before Death Angel joined DDD with our old drummer Nitro Onslaught.
So I just suggested it one day in rehearsal and said let's give it a go again maybe we should record it as well hahaa. I always thought the song would suit us and our sound quite well and it did by the feedback we've got. It's the only cover we've done with Death Angel in the band so far. We'll do a couple of more covers in the future of more underrated classics!
Yeah Goatlord rules I love their sound and darkness they have, especially the voice. The voice is one of the evilest in metal for me, It's a blueprint for my vocals along with Vomtior and Old Destruction. Plus their music is almost like Death/Doom/Thrash all rolled into one, it's a ripper!

DA: I actually hadn’t heard any of Goat Lord’s music prior to doing this cover, but after DJ showed me their song I definitely appreciate their music and style. I feel like I’m standing in a filthy dark sewer listening to that song, there’s a sense of evilness, darkness and power..there’s no fancy production to hide behind and maybe I guess that’s what’s reflected in DDD as well. What appealed to me was the fact that they used some kind of electronic kit from what I understand and I knew that we could turn the song around and add our own touch to it.
6. I’ve been informed by Mr. Justice that Miss Hammer had recently picked up an injury, and that the band is currently on hold; may I ask how the injury occured and when you’ll be ready to destroy the kit again? Were you playing cricket in the backyard and Death Justice caught you of guard with a bouncer? What will happen to Demon Director if Deathammer isn’t able to strike her hammers anymore? Deathammer, you should really consider wearing some armpads next time…

DA: Haha! The cricket in the backyard story would have been somewhat of a good story to tell if it were true but instead it’s just one of them arsehole things that happen when you tell yourself it’s alright, when really it’s a lot worse and you don’t realize until the damage is done. I got tendonitis in the left wrist/forearm from over repetitive use, in which case would be drumming. It’s an unrested tendon that over time gets stiff and less flexible resulting in the strain and the tendons become inflamed and any movement can result in some pretty debilitating pain. The worst of it is over, but there’s still a great deal of work to be done cos I still get flare ups and to be honest I can’t even set a rough date on when I’ll return to playing again. I’m just hoping by the end of 2011, since I’ve been out of action since December last year…so that’s seven months already which is way too long! I go crazy if I can’t play in 7 days, let alone 7 months. Upon returning I wouldn’t rule out the armpads…anything to keep from repeating this nightmare again.

DJ: hahahahahaha that's a classic story mate. I remember once back in mid 90's me and our old drummer Nitro Onslaught we're playing backyard cricket. Some other dude just did a ripper shot towards nitro onslaught. Nitro dived for it like a master and caught it like that David Boon catch for Shane Warne's hatrick. Anyway Nitro gets up all jolly he caught it only to realize he had dog shit all up he's arm and side of he's body hahahhahaha classic!!!
As for Death Angel hopefully she'll be back soon. I really cannot be bothered at this point of time to look and start up again with a new drummer, So we'll give Death Angel as long she needs to recover. We were going to do the album this year but it's more of a 2012 mission now.

7. It’s almost as if Black and Death Metal have become the model for what’s considered “cool” in the underground these days, and I think it’s pathetic that there are some people who follow this cool trend shit … Of course, I fucking love Black/Death, but I refuse to be associated with this ‘Only Black/Death is real’ mentality…I mean; what about other genres like Heavy Metal, Doom, Thrash and Punk…?

DA: What’s cool and what’s not is pretty subjective based on individual opinion, but you’re right, there’s always a ‘majority’ opinion which becomes apparent. I think it’s pathetic that people who are apart of a subculture that’s supposed to be somewhat open minded and not follow trends and just make up ‘their own’ minds, just end up following suit regardless. I know it exists, but I choose not to pay attention to it, I don’t do this music for the approval of others and I certainly didn’t get into music for those reasons either. You are right, there are some other great genres in the underground, but I bet in those other genres, they probably have similar views, except the opposing genres ‘aren’t real’. It’s childish and I stopped paying attention a long time ago, I listen to a lot of music outside the underground cos I like it and it speaks to me on other levels and I would never trade that feeling for the sake of superficial image.
DJ: hahaha you could almost say the same thing with the 70's satanic rock thing, the thrash metal explosion, Lots of black death band using arab references lately, all these bands recycling 80's heavy metal, glam rock arghhh hahahaa everything happening in waves. It's not just band it's 20 bands at once hahahaa. I see and read these things all the time but I don't dwell on it much and try not to waste my time too much with it. It doesn't take very long to work out if a band is doing it for success or a total burning desire these days. I love most genres of metal and punk but I'll never say only this genre or that genre is real is just stupid. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean it shouldn't exist, I think too many turkeys have this attitude in today's society. For example I don't smoke, but so many don't like smoking and just because they don't like it they want to ban it and impose all these stupid laws on it. It's a waste of time, money and energy that should be put into more thoughtful and important things in life.
All I got to say is you have to pretty bored to just be listening to one genre of music. I listen to almost everything except rap/hiphop/country/dance & modern pop music.

8. Christians believe they can get away with anything if they repent afterwards. It’s the same thing as Santa Claus - be good and you get rewarded. In reality a good deed is like pissing yourself in dark pants. You get a warm feeling but nobody notices. Your point of view?

DJ: hahahaa funny! As long you feel satisfaction with your good deed it shouldn't matter if no one notices or what they think. You just have to watch it these how far you extend the good deeds. I'm finding it more difficult to trust anyone these days, there's a lot more arseholes & cunts out there more than ever.
I like to refer to this era as the death of responsibility era. So many just don't want to take responsibility anymore, no one has guts or the balls. It's really frustrating sometimes especially if you are in a car crash because some piece of shit runs a red light and slams into to you. The piece of shit admits fault and they will pay for the damage at the scene. Then a week later you get a letter from the shit's solicitor saying it's my fault and they shouldn't have to pay anything arrghh!!! Cross me Fool!!!!

DA: Interesting question with entertaining adjectives haha! I think it’s important to recognize any wrong doings and feel guilty for it… but I think the point of that is to learn from that mistake and be honest with yourself to not want to do it again, in other words to avoid feeling the guilt. To commit wrong doings with a false sense of repenting is just like describing a sociopath. Of course you got the ones who commit wrong doings and just avoid the responsibility even though they are in the wrong…those people are called arseholes. Doing a good deed isn’t about seeking others’ approval, it should be done genuinely. Even if no one notices, you should get a good feeling from doing it and really that’s all that should matter. Self satisfaction should be enough.
9. What can you tell me about the current scene there in Oz? Which are the bands that you would recommend as personal favourites and which are the bands which you would absolutely not recommend? Ok, you don’t have to give me a scene report, just a brief evaluation Haha...

DA: Well..haha..I don’t really want to talk bad, but the scene is not very exciting at the moment, all the ripper bands don’t play live much if at all and the ones that dominate the live scene tend to act like rock stars, without the stardom to back it up with. On the rarity that GOTH play live, I always enjoy them, Cauldron Black Ram are rippers, Stormbane, Vomitor (Although Sir Death Dealer moved overseas) and I guess in terms of the more active bands, Maniaxe are one of the few active real thrash bands around. Whenever I seen them play live, they’re always having fun and that’s what you wanna see really. In terms of not recommending bands, I personally try to avoid negative attitudes, if it doesn’t move me, than I just don’t listen to their music, I don’t care how popular they think they are.

DJ: The live metal circuit here in Melbourne is nothing at the moment, it's completely dead. It's easily the worst year for gigs I've witnessed It's been downhill since about 2007 and we've reached the bottom I'm sure right now haha. It can only go up now! Hopefully anyway.

We've got the bands here but a lot of them hardly play live I don't know the full reasons why it's like that. Many of the other bands it's more along the lines of who you know and how good you can suck the cock hahaa.

Bands I listen to from here: Stormbane, Dire Fate, Demons Gate, Vomitor (moved overseas now), Wurm, Barbarion, Rubbish Mob, Cauldron Black Ram, Ion Drive (still going), Hobbs Angel of Death (also still going), Doomed Beast, The Wizar'd, Dungeon Stench...

Bands I recommend checking out: Hellbringer, Innsmouth, StarGazer, Maniaxe, Johnny Touch, Impious Baptism, Portal, Assualter, Mongerl's Cross...

There are the ones off the top of my head there's probably more. The non-recommended would take up the whole zine hahahhaaa not worth your time.
10. Death Angel, tell us about your label Graveyard Shift: how and when was it conceived and what motivated the idea for such a time-consuming venture? I bet you have your hands full at the moment with sending out packages? As far as I know; some of DDD’s releases was put out on Graveyard Shift -- what can you tell us about that?

DA: Graveyard Shift was conceived around 2008-2009, I basically wanted to do a whole heap of creative projects under the one name. Doing releases wasn’t an initial idea, but after trading with other labels overseas, I liked the idea of making releases because it’s a good way to spread music around without necessarily costing so much. The only thing that tears you a new one is the monopolized postage system! I was given a grant under the government to pursue my business and that’s what gave me the initial push. These days I’ve had to put it aside as a hobby, but at least when I did do it full time, I did learn a lot from built up experience and guidance from others. Now days I have to work fulltime in order to survive, but the Graveyard Shift name has built up steadily enough that we still send out packages and do trades with other labels. It still goes, but just means I have to be super organized with my time. We decided to put out the 2 DDD EPs out on Graveyard Shift, because I was just learning things at that point in time and not that we stuffed anything up, but there’s always a chance and it’s probably better to do with your own band rather than give yourself a bad name doing another band’s release. I really enjoyed putting the layout/artwork together and I’m really happy with the final product. Of course there’s never 100% satisfaction on the ‘sound’ of the recordings, but audio isn’t really my background or place, that’s DJ’s department. In terms of graphics and layouts which is my background, I’m really wrapped with it. The greatest thing however was getting the CDs overseas more with trades and into local independent record shops as well as packaging things up for community radio station airplay.

11. What kind of bands does Graveyard Shift usually show an interest in? Any specific preferences? I’m pretty sure that one of Graveyard Shifts’ aims is to stand out, as there are too many labels around releasing the same ol’ shaite; am I right about that? Do you have any serious aspirations with the label like turning it into a full-time venture or is it an under the radar sort of thing?

DA: To be honest, all the releases I’ve done in the past more or less came up by chance, rather than me seeking bands out. However I have been approached by bands that have asked me to release things, a lot of it is timing but at the same time, I have to like what I release and believe in it. I’m thinking about releases more these days while I’m unable to drum. While I don’t think too much about ‘standing out’, I do think a lot about setting myself apart from others…I know that sounds like the same thing. But it’s more like I’m not looking for a smash hit band with the cool name, image and cult following. I’d prefer to work with a band with music that moves me, doesn’t represent clone bands that other labels tend to suck off and kind of challenge the current trends, because to me, I rather release something with longevity than a short lived fame. However, I got a lot on my plate, so above all the bands I work with need to have good attitude, professionalism and consistent communication to reach a common goal. I guess I answered the question above, but this is more of a hobby based project, I have more appreciation for it and it’s a lot less stressful this way.

12. Do you think attitude and integrity is slowly rotting away from the underground? How important are these above mentioned factors for DIABOLICAL DEMON DIRECTOR; and what would you say should be the most obligatory aspects concerning a band proclaiming themselves as ‘underground’?

DJ: Yeah I see attitude and integrity is getting thinner by the week. In Australia it’s not hard to see now how the bands operate and shit now with the online networks. A lot of it is open to the public to see and cringe. I see local bands get all the gigs, deals, labels kissing them and overseas gig opportunities etc and the band hasn't even done anything except record their generic music and play boring gigs hahahaa. The bands don't even send their shit around anywhere they snuggle up to some underground label, then underground label name drops them to a overseas label then bang there's your deal boys. Then label directs what artwork should be used and what the EP should be called. I'm seeing this right now with some bands I mention in question 9.
Where's the fun in that? where's the hard work? That's not underground metal, that's just kissing arse and having all these suckholes do the work for you. I wouldn't want that with DDD and will never submit to that shit.
I'm not sure how the underground worked in the old days or it works overseas, but I'm guessing not much is different, It's really nothing to do with the music it's all about the connections and how much you talk shit gets the band far. We're the opposite we send our shit everywhere, do almost everything DIY the only things we didn't do was press the CDs, produce our last EP, print our last round of shirts and organize the last gig we played hahaha everything else we done ourselves. That's how a underground band should work.
It didn't take long to realize that a lot of newly formed bands don't do shit anymore. You see bands start up here and 4 months later they got a management deal, merch out already and they haven't even recorded anything hahaha. That's just the bands side of it, there's labels, radios, distros, gig organizers, venues & the "metal head" fans etc all playing same bullshit game. I also find it hilarious that not one distro/label has been willing to trade with us or even had the guts to stock our poison in Australia in our existence hahaaha some underground pfft! In the end the underground can suck my balls, we're under the underground and we do what we please and everything we do is genuine from our demon hearts. May all your chooks turn to emus, kick your dunny door flat to the grass, hope your balls turn into bicycle wheels and back-peddle up your arse!!
DA: You must be reading from the DDD manual haha! Yeh, it’s not an ideal thing to be happening at the moment, but attitude and integrity are slowly rotting away from the underground. I think integrity more so…but alongside with attitude they kinda go hand in hand. These things are paramount for DDD, our attitude is our way of life and to never compromise who we are as people let alone in the band. My attitude is to be hardworking, honest and play with conviction and passion. Let’s face it, without hard work we wouldn’t get anywhere, cos we’re not the type of band to betray what we wanna do for the sake of what’s cool or stoop to getting on our knees for approval. Music is such an important way of life for me and well, it doesn’t come out any other way, you can’t contrive that stuff. I love what I do in DDD and so when I play in the band I’m having fun, I feel full of energy and that’s just the way it comes out. We don’t play everything musically correct, in time or cleanly, we just play what we feel inside.
3. A lot of bands use the right “tricks” in order to gain interest, but whether or not they are sincere in what they preach is another question if you know what I mean?

DA: Yep, I know exactly what you mean. Too bad for them though, they’re never going to know what self satisfaction feels like apart from maybe having a wank.

DJ: hahaha I think I covered this question in the last one. Doesn't surprise me at all really this shit happens in almost every aspect of life now these days it's all about the money, cash & glory. Underground hype on some bands is ridiculous, just makes me think a lot of metal heads are no different to mainstream idiots. Maybe we should start wearing some stupid spandex and rip off exodus & bring back 1985 all over again to win over the underground?? hahahhaa Don't come the raw prawn with me you lost cases.

14. Do you guys get inspired by any horror movies? What was the last good movie you’ve seen and what are some of your favorites? What about Australian cinema – any bizarre or trippy movies abroad worth mentioning?

DA: Yeah I love horror movies, I like the story lines and the thrill of the scare and of course a well executed development of character and when the right feeling is achieved by the detail and thought put into the scene locations. The last good movie I seen was the Decent, what I liked most about the movie was all the gory parts of the caves, filled with human bones and the pool of sludgy blood. It felt like they achieved their desired eeriness, foreboding and sinister atmosphere. I also really liked how the characters ‘survival instincts’ kicked in from medicating fragility to almost primitive hunter. Although I haven’t watched the entirety of the movie ‘Wolf Creek’, it’s worth a mention for Australian films. As far as slasher movies go, that’ll really get the shit rolling down your leg, that’s all I can say!

DJ: Yeah horror/scary movies are quite cool, I enjoy them when they are good hahaha I seen lots of crap horror movies as well unfortunately.
My favorite is the Phantasm series; I just love the story and feel to that movie series. Inspired a couple of songs and another is the Omen which is a ripper!
Some others like the Gate, Abominable doctor phibes, Poltergeist, The decent, The ninth gate, The keep, Salem's lot, The Amityville horror, The thing, Prince of darkness, Event horizon, Beyond the darkness, People under the stairs, Pet sematary etc are the some of the ones off the top of my head that I enjoyed.
Some of my all time favorites are Predator, Southern Comfort, Fletch, Escape from New York, MASH, First Blood, The good-the bad & the ugly, Duel, Aliens, The ipcress file, The live, See no evil, hear no evil etc you get the idea hahahaa. I seem to enjoy a lot of the older movies more than the newer ones.

Some classic Aussie movies I like to mention are The adventures of Barry Mckenzie is the perfect example of how Aussies used to be before we became Americanized. Dead end drive in, Midnight spares, Stone, Mad Max, Bad boy bubby, The castle, Gallipoli not much trippy stuff but definitely some bizarre ones there hahahaa.

15. Books? You read like to read ‘em or do you prefer boozing?

DJ: Yeah I like to read books, been a bit quiet lately with the books. Just too much shit going on with my life. Hp Lovecraft, History books, Cricket books and some more. I also like comics as well like Conan the barbarian, GI Joe, Phantom etc. What about pornography? hahahaa Lots of smut mags as well. However all of that doesn't compare to getting that first drop of booze down for the day.

DA: Unfortunately I don’t get a great deal of time to read these days. I’m not really a great fan of stories through novels, I prefer watching movies. The only things I really read these days are instructional based things, like cooking, art technique, health/nutrition based stuff and for leisure based things, the occasional metal mag, tattoos and comics…I like pictures haha! Boozing is alright when it works, but there’s not much time for that these days either.
16. I’ve noticed a uge pentagram flag on Death Angel’s drumkit – thus I have to inquire whether any of you are inspired by any satanic literature or followers of the Left Hand Path…? What is your personal take on Satanism?

DA: Again, I’m not much of a reader, I like movies more and do like some of the darker subject matters, but this is purely for the enjoyment of story telling. I’m not a Satanist by any means and my personal take is that it’s just as idiotic as most other religions. It’s meant to oppose religion, yet one way or another it pretty much resembles a lot of characteristics of religion anyways.

DJ: Yeah some satanic literature has inspired us, not going to deny that, however none of us practice Satanism or magick or anything like that. To be honest none of us even have time for it hahaha way too much shit to do. I don't take Satanism too serious, I don't believe in anything but myself. No gods, no Masters! Satanism is nothing to the real evil around us.

17. So what are the future plans for the band? Any high hopes of getting rich and famous? Haha

DA: I’m always ambitious, but I’m not superficial. I just believe in giving everything I got in my biggest lifelong passion. I’d love to play overseas some day or support some of our favorite bands…Destruction or Vomitor would be a dream come true, but my primary focus is to be able to play again period. That above all is the most important thing for me, more than recognition, success or opportunities. That at the end of the day is the greatest feeling for me.
DJ: hahahaha where's the tattslotto bitch with my check? I need some bloody money haha. First thing is to wait til Death Angel recovers then rehearse for some gigs and do the album finally. The songs on the album have been ready to learn since 2005/2006 hahaha. Hopefully we can archive all this in 2012. Also the split releases are not far off from being released hopefully and maybe a re-issue of both of our EPs onto 1 tape or 1 cd sort of thing. More shirts, badges & maybe we'll get around to doing some hoodies one day hahaa. We definitely want to try and play some more gigs we haven't done a gig since mid 2009. One day we hope to do gigs overseas like Europe, Japan & Canada etc that would be the ultimate for us. We'll still do the 3 albums I've got written regardless of success hahahaa I just want to record the the music and get it out.
18. The interview has come to a demise! Death Justice, I want to express my gratitude to you for sending me that promo pack a while ago and for introducing me to STORMBANE and RUBBISH MOB, which I enjoy a lot. Also, thanks for this interview! I hope you guys enjoyed it and that it wasn’t just some run-of-the-mill shit… Hahaa!! Any last sentiments before we burn the fucking church down?

DJ: No worries mate!! I'll send another pack sometime soon when more goodies arrived onto my lap. Cheers for the effort and work in this interview and contacting us as well, you bloody ripper!!! It was a pleasure to interview mate. Any headbangers with the guts and are after the demon's poison contact us at diabolical_demon_director@hotmail.com to see what we have. At the moment stocks are running low but you never know your luck!!

Make sure you get some booze, snags and some marshmellows before we burn this mutha down hahahahahaa. Long live Nuclear War Plague Zine and let’s hope South Africa put up a good fight in the next cricket matches hahaha

DA: The pleasure is ours! Thanks for the interview mate! It was interesting and well composed and pretty enjoyable too! Cheers!

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