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Sunday, June 23, 2013

NECROVEN – Perpetual Blasphemies (Metalhit 2012)

Perpetual Blasphemies” is a compilation featuring the first two demos by Spanish Death Metal band, NECROVEN, single-handedly steered by Jonathan Reina. The style is fairly straight-forward Death Metal – no bells and whistles, only pure fucking Death! There are only six tracks featured here, but the result is twenty-six minutes of absolute face-shredding brutality, which could be considered as a full-length by some bands.
NECROVEN is able to conjure up an atmsophere that reeks of old cemetery slough and gives some notable nods to the likes of old INCANTATION, and some Finnish Death Metal acts like CONVULSE and RIPPIKOULU – especially in the riffing where ‘Abandoned by Gods’ has quite a strong resemblance.

Anyone who is somewhat initiated with the current new wave of old school Death Metal should be well informed about the recent quality bands emerging from Spain, with the likes of ATARAXY, BANISHED FROM INFERNO, GRAVEYARD, MORBID FLESH, etc. – and so NECROVEN proves to be no exception, seeming to have found themselves a firm position among its ranks.
Perpetual Blasphemies” comes in digi-pack format with artwork designed by none other than Mark Riddick (responsible for the front cover and layout). I wouldn’t necessarily rate this particular release as a 'must have', but would definitely qualify as more-than-worthy for those on the look out for some good ol' ghoulish Death Metal.

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