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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hellscourge – Hell’s Wrath Battalion (Dybbuk records 2011)

Who’s keen to hear some utterly raw and filthy Black Thrashing Metal from Brazil? Fuck yeah!!! Until recently, the name of HELLSCOURGE was completely unknown to me. These maniacs execute Metal in the true ‘80’s spirit, where Black, Death and Thrash Metal was one in the same. Yes bitches, this duo-machine is going to kick you in the fuckin’ balls!

The band seems to incorporate some hardcore Punkish influences which (again) says a lot about the mentality behind the band – old school bangers to the core! The prodcution seems to come off as pretty raw, and sounding quite analogue, it definitely suites their style. Style-wise, I can make some comparisons to bands like IMPIOUS BABTISM, MIDNIGHT and PERVERSOR … I think anyone into those bands will definitely find a lot to enjoy here … As for older bands, I was able to pick up on some (indirect) influences from SODOM, CELTIC FROST, AGENT STEEL, DARKTHRONE, etc.

Throughout this album your ears will be imperiously assaulted with menacing and piercing tremolo-picked riffs, harsh, shrieky vocals and primitive drum fills that pokes sardonically at the corpse of
Iesu Christi. The solos that are implemented throughout rip and cut through layers of flesh. Maybe not very memorable, but effectively incorporated. The atmosphere they are able to evoke is absolutely nostalgic and this adds much to the overall clarity of the album.

This is definitely pure unadulterated fucking Metal played with 100% conviction. This shit is raw, aggressive and harbors heaps of attitude – spikes, leather and fucking metal! Need I say more? “Hell’s Wrath Battalion” contains eight tracks of pure old school Metal with minimal boring moments.

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