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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cauldron Black Ram - The Poisoner Maxi-EP

Cauldron Black Ram is a side-project featuring members of Australian bands Portal, StarGazer, Mournful Congregation and various other acts. They play a blend of black/death metal with a sludgy vibe and tone. Most importantly; they sing about pirates!

They’re not a fast or “brutal” band by any means, which is a good thing in CBRs case. They tend to keep it slow-to-mid-paced and chug along with loose and heavy riffage. The vocals sound a bit like Abbath from Immortal if he were to front a death metal band, which gives CBR an even more unique feel. There’s a real punk-ish attitude in the way the band presents their music and you can tell they do this side-project purely for the fun of it and the love of all things filthy, raw, old-school and ugly as fuck.

Since this EP is only 4-tracks and 17 minutes long, I can’t really choose a stand-out song. They flow well together and each one has something to offer the listener. I’ve no complaints at all towards this EP and would urge anyone looking for something different in their death metal to check these ravenous death metal pirates out.


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