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Friday, May 25, 2012

Battlerage- True Metal Victory

Battlerage - True Metal Victory 

Late (ish) last year, (I know, 2011 seems so far away by now) Chilean epic metallers,Battlerage, released their third album True Metal Victory.  The cover art screams cheese and war-fantasy, but that's what most of us love, right? At least it has color. 

Anyways, down to the music. The album starts off with an instrumental track "Battlepath," to get your sword-wielding arm a warm up for battle, then proceeds into "Return of the Axeman" a bit of a frenzied battle track. The songs are taken from the tome of Manowar, so much epic-cheesiness with songs of war and battle, all with out the symphonic part. They take the epic metal banner, wave it high, and then plant it in your ass. There's the frantic paced song, "Raw Metal," as well as the epic tracks like "Black Sundays" and "Warlock's Epitaph." 

The best way to describe their sound would be Manowar-meets-Grave Digger, as the vocals have a slight gruff and gravelly tone. The production is pretty sharp, the guitars aren't underpowered and there's good clarity for all instruments. There are great guitar leads, all of them are pretty damn catchy and memorable. The riffs aren't extremely fast nor are they complex, they're simple but they still hit you like a drunken father. I don't think it's as good as their debut, but third albums always take a hit for some odd reason. Regardless, it's a solid album, else I wouldn't be reviewing it.


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