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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Svart Guder Interview

Svart Guder is a two-piece black metal band from Canada. I sat down yesterday and had a chat with one of their members, Thayne.

Witching Metal: Greetings Thayne! Before we get right into this interview could you please give myself and the readers a bit of background info on your band Svart Guder? Just the basics for now; who’s in the band? What have you released so far? How was the band formed? Etc.

Thayne: Since we reformed it is now currently myself (Bass and vocals) and guitar player Adam, we are choosing to stay a two man act for this release and probably after it, too. For drums we will be using a drum program. So far we have done one release which was a two track demo; we had started a second one but that was scratched when we went on hold in November. Svart Guder was founded by myself and our old guitar player after we tried doing a failed pagan black metal band that we never recorded, so, instead we started Svart Guder to play a more rough sound than what our failed project was aiming for.

WM: You mentioned the band going on hold, why did you choose to go on hiatus back in November? Since you also said Svart Guder is a departure from your previous pagan black metal influenced project, could you please tell us what influences you musically when writing for Svart Guder?

Thayne: We chose to go on hiatus due to lack of writing and loss of our drummer. We originally were going to return back in January but that just never happened so I reformed it with Adam instead of the other member at the time, Doug. Some of the influences are Weapon, Australia's Erebus Enthroned, Burzum of course, Inquisition, Taake, Satanic Warmaster, Falkenbach is an influence I have brought with me from the failed pagan black metal project, early Darkthrone also has a definite influence.

WM: Is there any particular ideal or agenda behind your motivation to write music? Why have you chosen the name Svart Guder to represent what you play? Does it hold any special meaning to you? What do the words actually mean?

Thayne: We write music because both of us have a love for our instruments, a burning desire to write black metal and keep the black flame burning so to say. As for the name being of Norwegian heritage and growing up learning Norwegian I wanted my band to have a name as such. The words themselves simply mean Black Gods.

WM: On your previous demo, which you showed me last year, you showcased a very raw and chaotic black metal sound, will future releases have a similar sound or do you plan to “progress”, so to speak?

Thayne: We are going to continue with a very raw and chaotic sound with maybe a change in vocal style since the previous release but from our current stand point we are going to continue the same style of raw chaotic black metal we were playing a year ago.

WM: What else can we expect from the upcoming album? Have you planned a title yet or completed any songs?

Thayne: We are currently writing the album. I can tell you that we are going to do around 5 songs with an intro and outro. The album will be entitled Forest of the Black Gods.

WM: Aside from the upcoming album, what other goals does Svart Guder hope to achieve in the future? Are there plans to ever play live? What about future releases aside from the album? Do you plan on releasing some merchandise to accompany the album? Have you received any label interest yet?

Thayne: Currently we aren’t looking to do shows but who knows what the future will tell. We hope to do a split some time soon. We are planning on doing some shirts for the album maybe like a package deal, ya know? We did receive interest from the first demo a year ago so lets hope the new one will spark some more.

WM: Thank you for the interview. Do you have any last words for myself or the readers?

Thayne: Thank you for speaking with us Wayde. Remember to support your local metal bands and keep the flame burning!

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Anonymous said...

There is no band that is why Doug left and why there will be no live shows. Thayne has had less than four months on masturbating with a bass , his so called passion is a joke and a lie. His sad attempts at claiming he plays bass is simply funny. He doesn't even know how to tune or play. That's what four months of so called experience is. High school is over and is Svart Guder. Thayne is Canadian , cant even speak Norwegian let alone know how music is structured. Svart Guder is an insult to all that is music and black metal. Waste of an interview.