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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ZOM - Demo

ZOM is a new three-piece death metal act from Ireland who released their first demo tape in December 2011 on the excellent Irish label Invictus Productions, it has since been repressed twice, with each repress featuring a different coloured cover art work.

ZOM’s music is total old-school death and black metal worship, taking obvious influences from bands such as; Morbid Angel, Possessed, Death, Archgoat, Blasphemy and early Sepultura with a few unique twists here and there to keep the listener interested. The vocals are deep echoing rasps, the riffage thrashy and blackened yet sticking to a death metal tone and moving at a furious pace, occasionally switching it up with some strategically placed grooves and hooks. Each track sounds deliciously obscure and old-school yet still somehow has a fresh aura about it and doesn’t feel like another case of “been there, done that, bought the shirt and bragged about it on the internet” stigma that tends to stick with a lot of death metal bands these days.

Fans of old-school death and war metal alike should be all over this tape. I’d especially recommend this demo to people who enjoyed the recent EP by Portland band Weregoat or the recent full length album by their peers Ritual Necromancy.


Buy this tape from Invictus Productions (if you're in Europe) or The Coffins Slave (official Australian distributor for Invictus releases!).

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